[microsound-announce] Mike Vernusky - MotherSpeak (Out Now on Audiobulb Records)

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Mike Vernusky - MotherSpeak (Out Now on Audiobulb Records)

http://www.audiobulb.com/albums/AB084/AB084.htm <http://www.audiobulb.com/albums/AB084/AB084.htm> 

Mike Vernusky

Austin-based composer Mike Vernusky writes music for concert, theatre, dance, and film, primarily using electronic sound and live performance. His works have been called ‘brash’ by the New York Times, ‘isolationist’ by The Wire, 'otherworldly' by New Music USA, and 'étonnante' by the French publication EtherReal.


"Composer Mike Vernusky turns the ear into a microscope in MotherSpeak. Taking us through the African bush via electronics, field recordings, and a live performance in that very environment, the album bleeds like its listeners. “Vibrational Empire” sets the tone with insect-oriented signals, speaking not through words but through patterns of air and movement. These sonic films live somewhere at the center of our listening. One can almost sense them running down the spine in search of entry, for they are a nervous system unto themselves, activating limbs and sensations of which the earth is only a single organ." 

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