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Dear Microsounders
We´re absolutely proud of releasing the new Album by srh aka Sascha Rosemarie Höfer. Multiinstrumentalist and sound collector from Hamburg, Germany. His Album "Telomer[e] is a 40 minute beautiful journey through the variedness of our mind.
kg025 Sascha Rosemarie Höfer — telomer[e] (LP/DL)

Höfer uses different sound sources and recording processes. One of his focus points is the collection of sounds and noises, which he predominantly records analogue and very rudimentary on tape, various voice recorders and microphones he holds dear. Höfer is collecting sounds indoors or in the field. Usually en passant. 

“I like to listen if something interesting catches my ear, but not obsessively. I collect sounds, when I feel like it, not because a certain sound may be extraordinarily exquisite, making me want to trace it. I would regard that as a disruption of the moment, something I generally want to avoid.” says Höfer.
Sascha Rosemarie Höfer’s album telomere[e] breaks with his works of previous years. It took longer to complete, is devoid of conceptual and artistically developed ideas. Rather, it presents the process of metamorphosis: dieback, segmentation, recombination, exploration, ageing and rejuvenation, thus mimicking the language of biology. 

telomer[e] took three years to complete, a time during which the different pieces underwent various ecdyses, during which ideas developed and unravelled, explored different stylistic directions and once again dissolved, until first fusions emerged...  more <>credits

Written and produced by srh. Recorded, arranged and mixed by srh. 
Instruments: piano, modulated guitars, drones, fieldrecordings, dictaphones, glockenspiel, analogue synths, digital and analogue processing. 
Trumpet on “TTACCC” arranged by srh, played by Marco Stubbemann; voicesample on “TAAACC” and clattering on various tracks by Mathilde Schoenmakers. 
Cover photography by Melanie Schoenmakers; design: Andreas Usenbenz; mastered by Fabian Tormin [plätlin mastering]. 
translated by  www.tommibrem.de <http://www.tommibrem.de/> 

kg025  klanggold.net <http://klanggold.net/>	LC77527

Klanggold Records
c/o Andreas Usenbenz
Von- Hünefeld Weg 16, 89075 Ulm | germany





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