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Dear Sound Enthusiasts. 

We would like to present two new releases in our portfolio.

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kg026 Drawing in Sound (Vinyl) 
https://klanggold.bandcamp.com/album/drawing-in-sound-2 <https://klanggold.bandcamp.com/album/drawing-in-sound-2>

Drawing in Sound – everything grows

'Drawing in sound' is a live improvisation, created by
sound artist Andreas Usenbenz (Ulm) and illustrator
Christoph Lammers (Munich) for the exhibition
opening of 'Wiese' ('meadow') by Artist and Curator
Andreas Pytlik (Munich) at Städtische Galerie
Rosenheim in the spring of 2018.

Prior to the performance, the artists exchanged
ideas, drawings and sound improvisations to find a
way of approaching the topic of 'meadow' in the context of
contemporary drawing and contemplative
During the performance, illustrator and sound artist entered a dialogue: 
Usenbenz created subtle sound textures and phonographic collages of
rustling hay, records, guitar sounds, field recordings,
tapes and effect devices. Lammers opened all senses to both space and
sound. Reacting intuitively, focussing on the moment
and with great physical effort he composed his images,
formed structures from lines and shapes. Using charcoal, ink, brushes and his bare
hands, he filled the 7 by 4 metre canvas, vigorously at
times, then almost
delicately, providing stimuli in turn picked up by Usenbenz.
Ultimately, this 'conversation' between the two artists
gave rise to a different interpretation:
'Everything grows of its own accord.'

played and improvised by
andreas usenbenz, using objects, lo-fi microphones,
contact microphones, field recordings, guitar, ebow,
looper, ipad, dictaphone, cassettes, tape loops, op 1, field
kit. drawn and performed on a 7 x 4 m canvas by
christoph lammers, using different objects, ink, charcoal,
brushes and his bare hands.
recorded live at staedtische galerie rosenheim. additional
sounds recorded and edited at home.
mastering: klangmanufaktur ulm
distribution: a-musik
photography: bettina gorn,
editorial: andrea toll, translation: tomi brem

kg025 telomer[e]  
https://klanggold.bandcamp.com/album/telomer-e <https://klanggold.bandcamp.com/album/telomer-e>

Sascha Rosemarie Höfer — telomer[e]
Höfer uses different sound sources and recording processes.
One of his focus points is the collection of sounds and noises,
which he predominantly records analogue and very rudimentary on tape, 
various voice recorders and microphones he holds dear. 

Höfer is collecting sounds indoors or in the field.
Usually en passant.
“I like to listen if something interesting catches my ear, but not
obsessively. I collect sounds, when I feel like it, not because a
certain sound may be extraordinarily exquisite, making me want
to trace it. I would regard that as a disruption of the moment,
something I generally want to avoid.” says Höfer.
Sascha Rosemarie Höfer’s album telomere[e] breaks with his
works of previous years. It took longer to complete, is devoid of
conceptual and artistically developed ideas. Rather, it presents
the process of metamorphosis: dieback, segmentation,
recombination, exploration, ageing and rejuvenation, thus
mimicking the language of biology.
telomer[e] took three years to complete, a time during which
the different pieces underwent various ecdyses, during which
ideas developed and unravelled, explored different stylistic
directions and once again dissolved, until first fusions emerged.
Fusions Höfer picked up to shape the musical segments into
something larger than themselves, finally developing pieces for
piano he later merged with the different sounds. The result:
telomer[e] as presented on this album.
“It is important for me to create a musical representation of the
space where I am recording the music. Not least because it
carries a central momentum, which I consider as a fundamental
element that may not be excluded. The result often sounds
rough and lo-fi-esque.” says Höfer.
telomer[e] is captivating due to its contrasts, it is playful,
harmonic and atonal, creating a glamorous homogeneity,
despite — or because of — these musically antagonistic efforts.
Höfer brings the sounds to life, he nudges them into a
conversation until they are fusing, but without losing their
immediacy. If you are expecting it to be easy on your ears, you’re
out of luck.

Klanggold Records
c/o Andreas Usenbenz
Von- Hünefeld Weg 16, 89075 Ulm | germany




kg026 andreas usenbenz & christoph lammers - drawing in sound (lp/dl)
kg025 srh - telomer[e] (lp/dl)

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kg024 peter schubert & andreas Usenbenz - plaqué (cd/dl)
kg023 auvikogue - noise/silence ansatz #23 (cd)
kg021 andreas usebenz - bells breath (lp/dl)

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