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Fri May 9 19:10:09 EDT 2014

Beth Custer +/- Joe Lasqo +/- Thomas Dimuzio @ Duende, Oakland, 15 May 2014
Dear µsounders -

This is to let you know about 2 shows starting from this Thu, 15 May, which you may find interesting if in the SF Bay Area, plus a video concert release.


[1] MSP/Piano/+: w Beth Custer (clarinets/vocals) & Thomas Dimuzio (digital & analog electronics/synths), Gench Music Series @ Duende, Oakland: this Thu 15 May, 9pm (2 sets)


◉A remarkable night of electronic space exploration, reed/vocal virtuosity, and meta-rāga trance at the warm, hospitable, hip, and in every sense delicious Duende

☞  Write-up, venue & show details, and images: here  ☜


[2] Piano/+: w Jim Ryan's Green Alembic, @ Berkeley Arts Festival: Sat 17 May, 9pm


Green Alembic in the sfSoundSalonSeries at Center for New Music, SF, 17 Apr 2014

◉ Multimedia expeditions into a world whose center is everywhere and whose limit is nowhere with Jim Ryan's sound, vision and poetry project, Green Alembic, an “improvisational chamber super-group” (sfSoundSalonSeries post)

Line-up: Jim Ryan: electric kalimba, flute, poetry, images, Doug Carroll: cello, Michael Cooke: bassoon & shēng (笙), Ron Heglin: voice & trombone, Jeff Hobbs: violin, Jason Hoopes: bass, Joe Lasqo: piano & small percussion, Christina Stanley: violin.

— + Set 1: Triangle (Jim Ryan: saxes and flute, Jason Hoopes: bass, Mark Pino: drums)

☞  Write-up, show details, venue maps, and images: here  ☜

+ Examiner.com review of our recent show in the sfSoundSalonSeries at Center for New Music: here




Thanks to the generosity of videographer Charles Smith, some wonderful live concert video has been captured, and here's a release of some of it from the 19 Apr show at North Beach's new hotspot The Emerald Tabletwith German/Swedish avant jazz saxophonist and flautist Biggi Vinkeloe, feat. Donald Robinson (drums), Lisle Ellis (contrabass, acoustic bass guitar), Teddy Rankin-Parker (cello), and myself (piano, laptop, small percussion)

— № tre (14 min, Biggi on sax): link (my favorite, featuring Biggi's Bangalore samples)

— № uno (20 min, Biggi on sax): link

— № due (12 min, Biggi on flute): link

The luminous paintings of Monterey pines overlooking Baker Beach that you see in the background of these videos are part of the exhibit: Nicholas Coley: New California Impressionism, currently showing at The Emerald Tablet.


Hope to see you at these great shows!

Joe Lasqo

joe at joelasqo.com

Show calendar & news: http://www.joelasqo.com/blog/
Weekly: Viracocha, 21st & Valencia, SF, 3-6pm, Wednesdays
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