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With Apologies For Cross-Posting

*Wed. 14.05.2014, Doors: 20h - Concerts: 21h30Kantine am Berghain *
Wriezener Bahnhof, Berlin


The Cut Hands project was founded by William Bennett in 2007, heavily
inspired by his fascination for Haitian voodoo, deploying Central African
percussion in radical new ways, generating an intense sound unrivalled in
its physical and emotional intensity. A classically trained musician, in
1980 at age 18 William Bennett became the founding member of the group
Whitehouse and the original pioneer of extreme electronic music.

The Sons of God (Leif Elggren and Kent Tankred), work in the borderland
between performance, installation and music. Sound objects, pre-recorded
compositions, physically demanding movements, the voice: all of this
constitutes the foundation for an attempt to gain access to those rare
moments when daily life merges with the heroic nature of the inner self.

Pointillistic trance trailblazer, Lorenzo Senni, has been tirelessly
exploring the less obvious possibilities of electronic composition and
performance, ranging from the best use of lasers to the application of
algorithmic methods in composition. As the visionary founder of Presto!? he
released works from some of the most acclaimed contemporary artists, such
as Florian Hecker, Marcus Schmickler, CM von Hausswolff, among others.

Kindly supported by Initiative Neue Musik e.V.
Cost: 10€

*UPCOMING:02.06.2014 - WOLF EYES at Urban Spree*

The infamous blistering noise of *WOLF EYES (Nate Young, John Olson, *and
newest member* Jim Baljo)* propelled them from being a dank Ann Arbour,
Michigan basement sensation to the finest ranks of Sub Pop without ever
losing a shred of credibility. From touring with Sonic Youth and Andrew
W.K., Wolf Eyes have crossed borders into popularity which few other such
confrontational units of their ilk have been able to and kept straight and
narrow on their blazing path. Live it’s not uncommon for Wolf Eyes to remix
or improvise, and go on sound tangents that will make your jaw drop. Their
dark and haunted screams will turn any venue into an echo chamber of
archaic rituals. The experimental and nuanced noise will inevitably burn
into your synapses.
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