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murmerings 2010.09 ::: tartu, estonia

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it's been a while since you heard any murmerings from my direction. it
has been a busy and HOT summer here in estonia, but the days are getting
shorter now, and the fall chill is arriving.  i have relocated to the
Big City, tartu (pop. 80,000) as there are major renovation works going
on where i was staying in mooste.  city life has its advantages, but i
miss the quiet countryside.  my birch wine is now bottled and aging; the
first tasting can happen shortly after the new year.  in the meantime,
many more travels are planned for this year, and still, if i ever get
around to finishing the works, several new releases!


::: sound:site&  creative radio, bracknell, uk :::

two upcoming events, both at the digital media centre at south hill park
in bracknell, uk.  first, on october 2nd, the sound:site conference, at
which i will be giving a presentation on new folk communities, the
internet as a destination for sound-based works, and the framework radio
show as a hub for a global community of artists working with phonography
and field recording. i will also be giving an evening performance with
friends and colleagues jonathan coleclough and simon whetham, which will
feature live remixes/reinterpretations of each artist's contribution to
the framework250 4cd compilation, released earlier this year to
celebrate framework radio's 250th edition.  more info here:


the following week  (9th and 10th october) the digital media centre will
also be hosting a workshop entitled 'field recording and creative
radio', in which we will explore active listening and make recordings to
be used in the collective production of a radio broadcast to be aired as
part of the framework:afield series.  more info and booking details here:



::: revenant:nodar, nodar, portugal :::

in early november i will be doing a residency at binaural media in
portugal with estonian artist marja-liisa plaats.  we will be
collaborating with two portuguese artists to create the next installment
in the series of revenant:sound works that i and several others artists
have been working on for the past few years
(http://www.revenantsound.net). the project takes place within the frame
of binaural's 'paivascapes' project, and should culminate in one or more
site specific performance in november, as well as a larger presentation
of the paivascapes project in early spring 2011.



::: stateside 2010, usa :::

i will be making my annual trip back to the u.s. this year; this time
arranged to spend both thanksgiving and christmas with my family.
between the two, however, there are lots of plans, including another
visit to muhlenberg college in allentown, another homecoming gig in
wilkes-barre, and a series or workshops and performances in new york
state organised by empire service:


i'm still looking for other activities in and around the northeast
between the two holidays; if you have any ideas please let me know!  i'd
like to perform or give a workshop in both boston and nyc, although i'm
also particularly interested in activities in more rural locations...


::: framework website, the intratubes :::

framework took its annual summer break for the month of august, but
we're back making new programs now.  and what's more, we've now launched
a new website, by far more functional that my own cobbled together
construction of yesteryear, held together with abysmal html and sticky
tape. many, many, many thanks to joe stevens
(http://www.51degreesnorth.net/joe) who volunteered to build and host
the new website. new features include searchable playlists and full
archives of past shows, listenable on demand (we've only got as far back
as the beginning of 2009 so far, but we hope to upload the full 8 years
of past shows in the coming months). please remember that framework is a
volunteer effort, and we need your help to continue!  see the donation
bar on the right to find out how you can support framework radio:



::: and furthermore :::

several releases are still planned on several labels for this year, held
up only really by my lack of finding the time to complete the works.
one is done and mastered, so hopefully that will appear soon; more info
on the others as and when they happen.  meanwhile our helikoosolek here
in tartu is ticking along nicely - we've had visits from many fine
artists, had presentations, workshops, activities and performances, and
we hope to keep the program going into 2011.  if you're in tartu on the
last wednesday of any month, stop in and say hello!


fall greetings to all,


|||  http://www.murmerings.com |||


|||  http://www.murmerings.com |||

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