[microsound-announce] UH Fest Go Social! Tour review

Derek Holzer derek at umatic.nl
Tue Sep 14 14:09:15 EDT 2010

Dear microsounders,

Over four days at the start of September 2010, I took a small tour with 
the intention of visiting various socially-excluded groups in Hungary, 
organized by András Nun in the context of the upcoming UH Festival in 

Each location visited related to András’ work with human interest NGOs, 
and he described the theme of our excursions as “Poverty and Exclusion 
in Hungary–or–What Can an International Festival Representing Peripheral 
Music Do About the Problem of People Forced to the Periphery, How Can It 
Act Against Their Exclusion?”

I just posted a review of this tour, along with photographs made by some 
of the other participants and some general musings on "social art", here:


Your feedback is welcome.


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