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Call for works / Phonurgia Nova awards 2010

Among the prizes awarded for radio and acoustic art, the Phonurgia  
Nova competition has, since 1986, occupied a special place by virtue  
of its recognition of artists whose work exploits sound as a medium  
for expressing the real and the imaginary.  Last year, 179  
productions from 11 different countries were entered in the prize.  
The winners were Joaquin Cofreces (Terre de feu) Alessandro Bosetti  
(Germany), Marc Chalosse (France), Stephane Borel (France), Caroline  
Bastin (Belgium), Elise Andrieu (France), Sebastien Peter (Germany).  
This year's competition will distinguish authors whose work manifests  
a keen sense of sound and listening as means of expression. In two  
areas :

++ Radio Arts will privilige all forms of inventive radio  
(documentary, feature, fiction, essays, Hörspiel, experimental forms  

++ New Media awards will go to "sound installations" or works which  
have been specially created for "inter media environment" to bring  
new experiences in sound to listeners

The Jury is chaired by the French sound director Daniel Deshays.  The  
jury will deliberate the 11th and 12th of December in the Reattu  
Museum - Arles (France). The deadline for submission is the 15th of  
October, 2010. The jury will award: one Radio Arts prize and one New  
Media prize of 2 000 euros and two artist's residencies at GRM/INA  
and GMVL, (two famous sound art centers located in Paris and Lyon).  
The main selective criterion remains the expression of an original  
artistic vision. A special prize "Pierre Schaeffer" will go yo a  
young author of less than 30 years old

To get more informations go to www.phonurgia.org

To get more sounds go to www.transradio.org  and to  
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