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Hi everyone, we have a new issue up online for your reading listening  

Furthernoise issue April 2010

"Get into Line" (feature)
Over the last decade the 12k label has become renowned for questing  
releases in electronica-microsound while offshoot Line has pursued its  
more experimental strand of its remit. This feature surveys recent  
additions to a vibrant international roster from lovesliescrushing  
(US), Robert Curgenven (AU), alva noto (DE), Tu M' (IT), and Pjusk (NO).
feature by Alan Lockett

"Touch Tones" (feature)
Since 1982 Touch has created sonic and visual productions combining  
innovation with a meticulousness lending it enduring quality. Its look  
and feel, led by the photography of Jon Wozencroft, whose simple but  
effective images became linked to respective releases, has earned it  
esteem for visual sensibility as much as experimental music culture.
feature by Alan Lockett

& After the Chill Room" (review)
Compilations like The Black Album are a well-established paradigm for  
the label to take stock of the journey thus far, as well as point  
toward new paths through the musical forest. They take inspiration  
from international and established artists, solid momentum from the  
label's existing musicians, and energy from the new and seldom recorded.
review by Caleb Deupree

"Blue - Part Timer" (review)
Part Timer, (aka John McCaffrey) fuses experimental pop folk with  
processed signals, found sound, strings, piano and rhythmic off kilter  
glitch. His album Blue also features collaborations with vocalist  
Nicola Hodgkinson and Fourplay String Quartet, who will be known to  
most Sydney-siders as the illustrious radio presenter and cellist  
Peter Hollo.
review by Roger Mills

"Static Forms - Pierre Gerard / Shinkei" (review)
Prolific minimal-lowercase, sound art label, Dragon’s Eye Recordings  
is documenting its own kind of “quiet music” genre with the release of  
Static Forms, a 2-track cdr consisting of pieces by Pierre Gerard and  
David Sani aka Shinkei. The outcomes of their explorations of  
“negative sound space” are of subtly differing but complementary  
review by Derek Morton

"Symbiosis" (review)
A nefarious collusion between two traffickers at the darker fringes of  
Mancunian music, Demdike Stare is Miles Whittaker - half of Pendle  
Coven, and vinyl fiend, Sean Canty. Symbiosis deals in everything from  
Nordic Doom to Persian funk, Turkish, Indian, African elements and  
film soundtracks, whipped up with dub, techno and noise.
review by Alan Lockett

"Union Told By A Shaman" (review)
Kyron is the longest running musical project of California composer  
Juan Carlos Mendizabal. His most recent release, Union, is a suite of  
interconnected electronic rituals, little windows opening to rhythmic  
fragments, culminating in an extended tribal dance beat replete with  
swampy woodland sounds and distant chanting.
review by Caleb Deupree
Roger Mills


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