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Mon Apr 5 10:16:52 EDT 2010

/*framework*/ - phonography / field recording; contextual and 
decontextualized sound activity
presented by patrick mcginley

/*framework*/ broadcasts:
     - sunday, 10pm, london, uk on *resonance 104.4fm*  
     - tuesday, 2pm, london, uk on *resonance 104.4fm*  
     - wednesday, 12am, thessaloniki, gr on *cooradio* 
     - wednesday, 3am, lisbon, pt on *radio zero* (http://www.radiozero.pt)
     - thursday, 7pm, lisbon, pt on *radio zero* (http://www.radiozero.pt)
     - friday, 1am, brussels, be on *radio campus 92.1fm*  
     - saturday, 5pm, south devon, uk on *soundartradio 102.5fm* 

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*for general info, playlists, podcasts, or to stream the latest edition 
at any time: http://www.frameworkradio.net *
*framework is supported by /soundtransit/: http://www.soundtransit.nl *

your subscriptions & donations help make the production of /*framework*/ 
possible.  visit out website to find out how to become a regular donor, 
or make a one-time donation here: 
http://www.murmerings.com/donate.html.  25% of all donations go to 
*resonancefm*, without whom /*framework*/ would not exist. (if you would 
like to donate directly to *resonancefm* please visit their support page 
here: http://www.resonancefm.com/support.)


*#278: 2010.04.04

*so - an announcement: believe it or not, */framework/ has finally 
joined the 21st century and put itself up for the world to see in the 
wilds of facebook*.  we haven't actually figured out how to use it yet, 
or what it's for really, but we're there, and if you search for 
'framework radio' you'll find us.  apparently you can then click a 
button an become our 'fan'.  doesn't that sound great??  so go on, we 
know you're all there, go click buttons and 'fan' us, and we promise 
we'll figure out how to use it before it implodes and is replaced by 
some other virtual social protocol...

and now on to the show!

this week is a fine mix of just a few artists, our favorite way to play 
you sounds.  a couple released (*@c, mpld*) and plenty of unreleased 
(everything else) works took us on a tour of empty spaces around the 
world, a microcosmic building site, plenty of new york city static, and 
a /*framework*/ introduction translated on the fly into two different 
langauges (brownie points to whoever can work out what languages they 
are) and recorded by *sebastiane hegarty*.

again, we are always looking for material for the show, whether raw 
field recordings, field recording based composition, or introduction 
submissions.  we are also now accepting proposals for full editions of 
our guest curated series.  send proposals or material, released or not, 
on any format, to the address below.  if you have any questions, please 
don't hesitate to get in touch!

tartu mnt 41
63710 ahja

info at frameworkradio.net


*(time  /  artist  /  track  /  album  /  label)*

00:00 - 04:54  /  sebastiane hegarty  /  framework intro

02:14 - 13:44  /  mpld  / /[track 1]/  /  nervatura  /  unframed
http://www.m-i-c-r-o.net/mpld, http://unframedrecordings.net

05:04 - 21:11  /  maria papadomanolaki  /  the walls  /  -  /  -

10:10 - 22:32  /  robert hopps  /  untitled 3  /  -  /  -
/[no web info]/

12:53 - 18:26  /  @c  /  76.2  /  music for empty spaces  /  baskaru
http://www.at-c.org, http://www.baskaru.com

21:53 - 28:11  / mpld  / /[track 1]/  /  nervatura  /  unframed
http://www.m-i-c-r-o.net/mpld, http://unframedrecordings.net

25:08 - 30:55  /  robert hopps  /  precis  /  -  /  -
/[no web info]/

26:59 - 31:56  / @c  /  76.1 /  music for empty spaces  /  baskaru
http://www.at-c.org, http://www.baskaru.com

30:23 - 49:36  / mpld  / /[track 3]/  /  nervatura  /  unframed
http://www.m-i-c-r-o.net/mpld, http://unframedrecordings.net

31:57 - 44:51  /  robert hopps  /  shaw  /  -  /  -
/[no web info]/

36:29 - 40:01  /  robert hopps  /  untitled 2  /  -  /  -
/[no web info]/

38:38 - 49:34  / @c  /  76.6  /  music for empty spaces  /  baskaru
http://www.at-c.org, http://www.baskaru.com

49:06 - 54:19  / @c  /  76.4  /  music for empty spaces  /  baskaru
http://www.at-c.org, http://www.baskaru.com

52:20 - 57:00  /  robert hopps  /  untitled 5  /  -  /  -
/[no web info]/


framework intro submissions:

1)    take yourself and an audio recorder to a location of your choice
2)    record for /AT LEAST/ one minute before you -
3)    read aloud the following text:

*welcome to framework.

framework is a show consecrated to field recording, and its use in 
composition.  field recording, phonography, the art of sound hunting; 
open your ears and listen!*

*/[3b)  please also feel free to translate this text into your native 
tongue!] /*

4)    continue your recording for /AT LEAST/ two minutes after you have 
finished speaking
5)   post the recording to us on any format, or send us an mp3


drop a note to info at frameworkradio.net to be added to or removed from 
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