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Philippe Petit philippe-petit at wanadoo.fr
Thu Aug 10 08:21:29 EDT 2006

Hope you enjoy a nice Summer

To keep patienting until our proper site is ready, our collective is  
now having a Space.
Feel free to invade it and find infos, pictures, visit our friends :


This week Strings Of Consciousness is "accelerated"...
Getting close to celebrate their 100th issue the American magazine  
XLR8R is certainly one of the world's leading publication dealing  
with Electronic Cultures.
Thus we are honoured that they selected one of our  songs as their  
favourite for the week, and offer it in their INCITE Online series...  
You can download the free mp3 from there :


Besides XLR8R wrote :

"Strings of Consciousness sounds something like a cross between a  
very competent experimental electronic artists and a well-done movie  
soundtrack. The nine-man musical collective manages to remain in  
synch through the numerous pianos, guitars, basses, bleeps and clicks  
that appear throughout their tracks, and create a rhythm together  
that is haunting, unpredictable, and curiously feel good at the same  

We are enjoying our first internationally distributed release on the  
BiP_HOp Generation series of compilation. Available in your  
favourites stores or online from the label...


v. 8 offers 79 minutes which illustrate perfectly the contemporary  
alliance of acoustic instruments and digital technologies in music

BiP_HOp Generation v. 8 [bleep 32]
MURCOF works primarily with orchestral samples, processing the sound  
sources into new textures and fusing them with microscopic sounds and  
rhythms. His music is published on Leaf records.
TENNIS is the occasional project of Ben Edwards (Benge) and Douglas  
Benford (si-cut.db). Their music is an amalgam of miniature rhythmic  
sounds and digitized processing.
MITCHELL AKIYAMA is a Montreal based composer, interested in  
unconventional ways  of playing conventional instruments. He has  
recorded for Sub Rosa, Raster- Noton, Substractif, Staalplaat, and  
several others...
MINAMO is an electro-acoustic quartet from Tokyo, they have released  
music for 12K, Apestaartje, Cubic...
TU M' is a duo from central Italy, who chose their name from Marcel  
Duchamp's last painting. They have released records on labels such as  
Dekorder, Phthalo, ERS/Staalplaat, Fallt...
STRINGS OF CONSCIOUSNESS work on musical motifs that can evoke at  
times a stormy, cinematic, or contemporary atmosphere.

thanx for your attention
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