[Microsound-announce] karsten hamre [dense vision shiren/penitent]+v.buben live

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Wed Aug 9 16:46:14 EDT 2006

dark ambient in germany, please excuse x-post....


Do. 10.08.2006, 20.00h

Kulturbunker Muelheim
Berliner Str. 20
51063 Koeln

Karsten Hamre (Dark Doom Ambient, Dense Vision Shrine, Norway)
Vladislav Buben (Belarus, Atmospheric Vibes)

Born in 1971 in Stavanger, Norway.

Has been active with music for over 10 years, starting in August 1994 when
Penitent was formed. Currently also releasing music under the names Arcane
Art, Defraktor, Dense Vision Shrine, The Flux Komplex and Veiled Allusions.
Not only composing the music, but also taking the photos and doing graphic
design for the CD releases.
Labels around the world released Karsten Hamre and related records:
Cold Meat Industry (Sweden), Draenor Productions/Napalm records (Austria),
Memento Mori/Dark Vinyl (Germany), Beyond Productions (Italy), Bad Taste
Records (Poland), Prophecy Productions (Germany), Zeitgeist Verlag
(Germany), Einzeleinheit (Germany), Iris Light Records (U.K.),
Dragonflight/DFR (U.S.A.), L.S.D. Org (U.S.A.), Beauty & Pain (U.S.A.),
Counter Attack Productions (Bulgaria), Bestial Records (Romania), Trinity
Records Hong Kong, Foreshadow Productions (Poland), Displeased Records
(Holland), Epidemie Records (Czech Republic), Fossil Dungeon (U.S.A.), Flood
The Earth Records (U.S.A.), Absolute Zero Media (U.S.A.).
Karsten Hamre: www.karstenhamre.com

Karsten Hamre has performed live in the Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria
and throughout Scandinavia. It is his first appearance in Germany.

Musician, promoter, creator of some radio and art projects.Vlad represents
radio show "The Last World" (the oldest radio show in Belarus about extreme
alternative music.) Radio "Mir" 107.1 FM
Vladislav is main coordinator of www.lostworld.h12.ru internet
resourse,webzine and label..
Buben creates some musician groups and projects in diferent styles. Some
music projects--(Buben, Zeroism, Donald dark, Ego, Manstappz, Kein, Over
voltage, Bolshevik, ex Ambassador21, Prus, Skvarka, I me mine, Bachus, Panie
Kahanku e.t.c.)
Labels around the world released Vladislav Buben records: Beergut recordings
(U.K.), Dreamlandrecordings (Australia), Tibproductions (Norway), Roil noise
(U.S.A), Marasm records (France), Agressive guerilla records (Holland),
Redstar budapestrecords (Hungary), PravDaDA org. (Holland), System hang
(Singapure), Invasion wrechords (Belarus), D.A.C.records (Ukraine)

Buben (info and mp3s): http://buben.altpro.net/

a u f a b w e g e n
p.o.box 100152
50441 cologne

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