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*Peacee F Moya*
Mouth for Sore Sight

«First of all, Frango were born: a free-rock trio from Barreiro - south 
bank of the Tagus river -, keen on unaligned electric improvisations, 
that got some credit among the new generation of underground Portuguese 
music of the 21st century. Then, the attention first gathered around the 
trio, passed on to Rui Pedro Dâmaso, one of Frango guitar players who 
revealed himself in his solo outfit "PCF Moya". On the first recording 
"Surgeon Surgeon" (2005, Searching Records), circles of improvised 
guitar sounds are sketched and notes are lost inside maze-like paths or 
simple spirals. On the second release "Untitled / God Slot EP" (2006, 
Merzbau <http://merzindie.no.sapo.pt/MERZ0010_eng.htm>), the atmosphere 
is denser and shapes are fuzzier, one suspects a more rigorous creation 
process, the guitar is sparser, the approach is not so direct. Now, on 
this new "Mouth for Sore Sight", Dâmaso shows us a different path. The 
guitar isn't there anymore, now there's only effect pedals and tweaked 
mikes. To emphasize this difference, the artist name is slightly 
mutated: "Peacee F Moya".
Moved away from the untied notes which were characteristic of his 
previews works, "Mouth for Sore Sight" divides itself into two long 
tracks ["Four" and "Three (Exodic)"], two creation places that grow as 
they absorb small elements along the way. Here the work is all about the 
progressive adding of elements which sustain some immense spiral stairs 
made of sound. In the end, all that remains is an almost ghost-like 
ambience feel: almost, almost whispered slow-motion post-rock, Peacee F 
Moya is uncompromised freedom in permanent construction. "Lo-Fi isn't an 
aesthetic statement, it's the logical result of a somewhat disorganized 
working method", Dâmaso once said. If disorder is in some way 
responsible for the creation of these unsuspected droopy textures, then 
let the world abandon once and for all that yuppie thing about 
organization.»/ - /Nuno Catarino//


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