[microsound] can anyone help me out with envl.net

Peter O'Doherty mail at peterodoherty.net
Fri Feb 18 01:19:03 EST 2011

I would suggest contacting Christopher directly - he's very approachable 
and helpful. I'll give you his email address off-list if you like.

On 02/18/2011 01:52 AM, Samuel van ransbeeck wrote:
> Hello
> I found Christopher Ariza's envl.net algorithmic composition tools on 
> the intyernet and started experimenting. Unfortunately, I cannot grasp 
> how it works. For example: I used the 'RhythmRemap: Algorithmic Rhythm 
> Generator'. Now you can set up pulse triples. From what I understand, 
> the first element sets the number of events you want, the second 
> element sets the timespan in which you want the events to happen and 
> the third element simply sets the loudness. No worries when I use a 
> length of 1 element only, for example using 3 events in 8 seconds with 
> mf accent. But if I set the rhythm length to 2 and I set the elements 
> on row 2 to 9 elements in two seconds with mf accent, I get the 3 
> notes in 8 seconds but the 9 notes in two seconds appear only to be a 
> grace note before the long notes.
> I know that this sounds quite confusing but I would appreciate it if 
> someone could shine a light on this. The adress is here 
> http://www.flexatone.net/cgi-bin/py/envl/software/q.cgi?stateNext=3
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