[microsound] New York in the 80's (was Rhys Chatham)

Bruce Tovsky bruce at skeletonhome.com
Fri Feb 6 10:25:51 EST 2009

well i'm sure that kim will chime in here, but there are definitely  
more opportunities in the EU and elsewhere in the world than in the  
US. i have friends in the EU who get stipends from the government to  
do their work. and in general it seems that art gets better funding  
over there. now i'd also to be the first person to state that those  
scenes are NOTHING like what the 80s scene was like - there's a  
reason so many books are being written about it, etc. it was a moment  
in time, a convergence that only happens occasionally. and you never  
know when you're in it that it will turn out to be that way, though  
you suspect and hope. and while there was more money to be made,  
clubs paid better than today (do they pay at all?) it still wasn't a  
great living. most of the people i knew scraped by and lived in cheap  
little places in the east village (and still do!)

On Feb 5, 2009, at 10:46 PM, Ken Restivo wrote:

> My question is this: where in the world-- if anywhere-- is there  
> such a scene like early-80's New York taking place? i.e. a place  
> where artists and musicians can make a decent-- maybe even good--  
> living?
> -ken

bruce tovsky

"Reality is whatever refuses to go away when I stop believing in it.."
Philip K. Dick

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