[microsound] New York in the 80's (was Rhys Chatham)

Damian Stewart damian at frey.co.nz
Fri Feb 6 04:16:14 EST 2009

Ken Restivo wrote:

> My question is this: where in the world-- if anywhere-- is there such a
> scene like early-80's New York taking place? i.e. a place where artists
> and musicians can make a decent-- maybe even good-- living?

i have friends who lived in Berlin during the good times a few years ago.
my impression was that people didn't get paid, and anyone who lived there
had to make their living elsewhere.

but i could suggest a couple of left-field options: in New Zealand, both
Dunedin and Wellington have astonishing music scenes. Dunedin in particular
has been described to me as the free improv capital of the world, although
i've never lived there. it's also absurdly cheap. Wellington, where i have
lived, also has a huge live music scene. no-one ever gets paid, but there's
loads of people doing it, and there's a lot of space, so if you're willing
to rough it a little bit there's plenty of places you can stay on people's
couches/spare rooms/closets/whatever. especially if you're from overseas,
the locals love it because not many make the journey.


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