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Aucd Macht Neu
Veteranenstraße 21, 10119
Berlin, Germany

Sunday March 13th, 2016
from 20h>0h
Admission Fee: 7 euros

//////////////// ABOUT ////////////////

JD Zazie
JD Zazie is an Italian sound artist based in Berlin.Coming from a DJ and
a radiophonic background JD Zazie has explored over the years different
approaches of real-time manipulation on fixed recorded sound.In her work
she redefines DJ and electro-acoustic activities. As a solo performer,
in small groups or large ensembles she moves in an area which is
constantly stretching the borders of what is supposed to be DJ mixing,
free improvisation and composed music.Intended as music instruments
CDjs, turntables and mixer are her tools to mix the specific
sound-sources she plays (mostly electronic music, electro-acoustic
music, musique concrète, field recordings and improvised music).The
typology of the sound-sources varies from already existing audio
publications and sound effects, to self recorded audio files – as
live-set and field-recordings -,  to selected pre-mixed material.
Juxtaposition, decontextualization, fragmentation, repetition, sonic
texture, scratch and error are elements of the grammar adopted to
relate, organize and rearrange the sound material following her
“Äpfelzerstörer’s method”. She has participated in numerous
international events and exhibitions as well as being a member of the
italian label Burp Enterprise and co-running Staalplaat Radio.

Mario de vega
Born in Mexico City, lives and works in Berlin and Mexico City. Through
actions, accidents, and results with a conceptual connection to acoustic
perception, his work researches the value of vulnerability, fragility,
and indetermination. He has performed live and exhibited his work in
various platforms in Mexico, South Africa, India, Canada, Russia, Korea,
Japan, United States, and all over Europe.

Arnaud Rivière
Using a rudimentary electro-acoustic device built around a repaired
turntable (pick-up), a prepared-mixer and other primitive equipment that
need manipulation - to make it brief -, Arnaud Rivière practises free
improvisation, playing solo, in groups and through collaborations, since
the late 90’s. "He is an unabashed feedbackophile who creates monstrous
gusts of noise with simple tools used incorrectly. Jamming foreign
objects and wires into his mixing board, using his turntable to spin
metal disks or worse, twisting his distortion pedal to 11, the harsh
beauty of Rivière’s music does not come from conventional concepts like
melody and harmony, but from deftly controlled bursts of energy,
powerful gestures of thunderous layers of noise upon noise, and a
wonderful sense of structure." Keir Neuringer.

Yann  Leguay
Brussels based sound artist Yann Leguay , defined as a media saboteur by
the Consumer Waste label, he seeks to fold materiality in on itself
using basic means in the form of objects and videos or during
installations and performances. His flagrant disregard for the accepted
norms of audio behaviour appropriates unusual machinery for the playback
of audio media: using an angle grinder to perform the live destruction
of a microphone or using  opened hard-drives as turntables. His release
activity is equally deviant, releasing silkscreen records or a 7” single
without a central hole and a record composed from recordings of vinyl
being scratched by scalpel. His Phonotopy label proposes a conceptual
approach to recording media and he also curates the DRIFT series on the
Artkillart label which overlays several grooves onto a single record,
causing randomised playback.
www.phonotopy.org <http://www.phonotopy.org/>




Performances will be livestreamed on DIY Church international radio
space station **
www.diychurch.org <http://www.diychurch.org/>

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