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eContact! 17.4
Analogue and Modular Synthesis: Resurgence and Evolution /
Synthèse analogique et modulaire: Résurgence et évolution
Guest Editor / Rédacteur invité : Richard Scott

[EN] An idea emerging from Manchester's inaugural 
Sines & Squares Festival in 2014, initiated by 
our Guest Editor, forms the core of the topics 
explored in this issue, with focuses including 
the dramatic resurgence of interest in modular 
synthesis, its role in live performance and fixed 
media composition, design, patching and 

[FR] Une idée inspirée du festival Sines & 
Squares 2014 de Manchester, organisé par notre 
rédacteur invité Richard Scott, est à l'origine 
du choix des thèmes abordés dans ce numéro, 
notamment la résurgence spectaculaire de 
l'intérêt pour la synthèse modulaire, son rôle 
dans la performance en direct, la composition 
pour support fixe, la conception sonore, le 
«patching» et la méthodologie.


Editorial by Richard Scott


A Generalized Introduction to Modular Analogue Synthesis Concepts
by Kevin Austin

Considerations on a Workshop on Modular Synthesis for Audio Arts
by Philippe-Aubert Gauthier and Stéphane Claude

The Serge VCS: How it works
by Tim Stinchcombe


Designing Instruments for Electronic Music
by Rob Hordijk

The Oval Synthesizer
by Peter B


Basic Electricity: An appeal for a greater 
understanding of rudimentary modular functions
by Navs

Synths and Social Capital
by Andrew Duff

Plays Well with Others: Regarding modular 
synthesizer in collaborative performance practice
by Ryan Gaston

An Agent Approach to Working with Modular Synths
by Michael Spicer

The Modular Synthesizer Divided: The keyboard and its discontents
by Mat Dalgleish

Time Modulation: Rhythm, relativity and voltage control
by David Ross


It's Not an Instrument, It's an Ensemble: A 
Parallel approach to modular synthesizer design
by Joseph Hyde

FRAMEWORK: Interpretation of graphic scores using a small modular system
by Mads Emil Nielsen

An Artist's Approach to the Modular Synthesizer 
in Experimental Electronic Music Composition and 
by Chelsea Bruno

Real-time Manipulation of Synthesis Parameters 
Using a Brainwave Interface and a Eurorack 
Modular Synthesizer
by Dave O Mahony

Creating an Autopoietic Improvisation Environment Using Modular Synthesis
by Robin Parmar

Reviving Parmegiani's "Stries" (1980): 
Translation of historic analogue works into the 
digital domain
by Sebastian Berweck

Exploring Real, Virtual and Augmented Worlds 
Through "Putney", an Extended Reality
by Ricardo Climent, Mark Pilkington and Alena Mesárosová

Back to the Future: On misunderstanding modular synthesizers
by Richard Scott


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