[microsound-announce] Nils Quak – This Once Silver Sky on Ripples available for order

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Sun Dec 5 06:45:59 EST 2010

Hi microsound list,
I'm happy to tell you that my most recent work "This Once Silver Sky" is now available for order on Ripples Recordings. 

“This Once Silver Sky” combines heavily processed field recordings, loops of found music, synthesized sine waves and granular processing. Deep drones drown in thick layers of reverb, distant fragments of old flexi disc recordings oscillate between the scattered grains of guitar and piano loops. “This Once Silver Sky” dives into the territory between abstract ambient music and deeply buried emotional explorations offering a 30 minute journey.  It is an ode to nothingness, the enchanting absence of meaning.
The album will be released as a highly limited CD-R edition. Digital versions will be made available once the physical versions are sold out. You can order the release at Ripples Recordings: http://ripplesrecordings.webs.com/ for 7 Euros including shipping.
If you are writing for a magazine or a blog and want a promotional copy, please contact me.

More news:
Secret Palindromes/Nils Quak split cassette release on Wolf Interval coming soon
The next Spectra Ciera "Snowflake Collections 2" EP will feature a grainy remix by yours truly to be released on Christmas day.
NQ – Our Own Distance on Neo Ouija will be released by the beginning of next year

Still Hot
NQ Remix on Miniature Airlines "The Arrivals & Departures Remixes"

The Luvsound Compilation "Soothing Sounds For Baby" with an exclusive Nils Quak piece

The digital re-release of NQ – Balconies & Backyards on bandcamp (previously only available as a highly limited vinyl release.

Thanks for your time.

Website: www.nhlsqaik.com
Myspace: www.myspace.com/nqnhlsqaik
Twitter: www.twitter.com/nq_music
Blog: www.resonantstrata.com

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