[Microsound-announce] HMSS in concert @ RIXC media space

ludger hennig ludger at schwingkreise.de
Wed Aug 27 12:59:16 EDT 2008

hi there,

this is an announcement for a concert @

RIXC Media Space, 11. Novembra krastmala 35, entrance from Minstereja  

Art and science laboratory

 From August 30, 18.00 to August 31, 02.00.

Streaming channels :
Audio signal from Irbene RT32:
http://giss.tv:8000/ozonelive.ogg (Winamp or VLC player)

Video signal from Irbene RT32:
http://www.mogulus.com/ozone (flash video)

Livestram from RIXC media space
http://io.rixc.lv:8000/stream.mp3 (Winamp or VLC player)

THE UNIVERSE LISTENING STATION is arts and science laboratory that  
artistically explores the acoustic spaces of the Universe.
The event will feature cosmic radio signals which will be received  
with special equipment by Irbene radio telescope RT-32 and transformed  
into an audible frequency as well as streamed online. The signals will  
be musically represented and interpreted in RIXC Media Space in Riga  
which will be turned into an ‘acoustic planetarium’. The guests of  
White Night will have an opportunity to experience the cosmic  
soundscapes created by musicians and artists both audibly and visually.

During the night of August 30th from 18.00 to 2.00 VIRAC and RIXC  
teams will be working in Irbene radio telescope RT-32 providing real- 
time signal receiving from the Sun, from planets Venus and Jupiter as  
well as from Taurus, Cygnus and Cassiopeia constellations and from  
Andromeda nebula.

Artists and producers:
Project is collaboration between RIXC (Latvia) and r a d i o q u a l i  
a (New Zeeland) artists and VIRAC (Ventspils International Radio  
Astronomy Center) scientists.

Concept: Rasa Šmite, Raitis Šmits (RIXC).
Video: Mārtiņš Ratniks (RIXC).

Musical interpretations:
HMSS (Ludger Hennig, Johannes Sienknecht, Markus Markowski, Hans  
Holger Rutz / Germany);
Clausthome (Lauris Vorslavs and Ģirts Radziņš / Latvia) and  
Voldemārs Johansons (Latvia).

Providing online stream from Irbene radio telescope: Dmitry Bezrukov  
(VIRAC) and Dāvis Bojārs.
Produced by: RIXC.

Supported by Riga City Council
Part of the program of the contemporary culture forum White Night  
2008, Riga

for further information please have a look @
-> www.rixc.lv
-> http://www.rixc.lv/projects/baltanakts08/index.html#en


ludger hennig
mobile: +49 (0) 163-251 33 96
mail: ludger at schwingkreise.de
HKM+ mail:info at strommusik.org
[www]: http://hennig.schwingkreise.de
[www]: http://strommusik.org

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