[Microsound-announce] FS: SP-SPSB-5 pre amp + Archos 402

Kim Cascone kim at anechoicmedia.com
Wed Aug 27 15:47:24 EDT 2008

Sound Professionals SP-SPSB-5 pre amp + Archos 402

Sound Professionals stereo pre amp designed by Dick Campbell,  
modified with a custom bypass switch allowing you to patch in an  
external preamp to the Archos recorder.
The pre amp is very clean and has three gain settings of 0dB, +22dB  
and +42dB.
There are two individual faders (post-gain) for adjusting the signal  
level to the recorder.
The preamp contains a programmable high-pass filter with the  
following frequency roll-offs:
16, 69, 95, 107, 160, 195 or 888Hz.
This rig is safely housed inside an Otter 2000 case.
The pre amp operates for ~70 hours on one 9v battery.
The case has two 3.5mm connectors: one for stereo microphone input  
(supplies plug-in-power) and the other is a headphone output.
This keeps everything safely tucked inside as you plug in microphones  
and headphones into the outside of the case.
The Archos 402 is a camcorder, media player as well as a digital  
audio recorder. So you can watch videos, look at jpgs or listen to mp3s.
It records 16/44 wav files (or mp3) and has a 20G hard drive onboard.
It connects to a computer via USB 2.0 and mounts as a hard drive -  
you can drag files on and off as if it were a regular hard drive  
making file management easy and intuitive.
It also takes pictures and video so it can be used for these other  
tasks for documenting live shows, or mic setups etc.
The Archos has an internal rechargeable battery and lasts for around  
4 hours of solid use.

Comes with AC adapter. The manual is in pdf format which I can email  
to you or can be downloaded from the Archos website.

pictures here:

This little rig has traveled around the world with me since 2006 and  
been used to record sounds used on my CD's and in my live performances.
It has withstood rain, airport security, over-zealous overhead  
compartment stuffing on airplanes, trains, buses, taxis, ferrys and  
fits uncannily inside a KATA S-312 camera case (which I am NOT SELLING).

I am offering the SP-SPSB5 and Archos for $275.00 USD + shipping.  
This is a perfect stealth recorder for live music taping, birding or  
location recording.
email me if interested.

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