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“Timelines_NY” is a graphical score for five musicians composed for a concert in New York. Like the first version of this work, simply entitled “Timelines” (released in 2005 on Cut as CD), “Timelines_NY” was composed with this group of musicians in mind. These graphical works of mine are therefore not interchangeable: they are conceived within the context of the particular instrumentation and, even more importantly, for the personalities of the original participating musicians. In this sense, I see these works as more than just groupings of instruments but social situations, bringing together a particular group dynamic within the parameters of a graphical score.
The musicians are free to interpret the score as they wish. I only ask them to adhere to the dynamic ranges indicated and the timing of when to start and stop playing.
The duration of “Timelines_NY” serves to move these works towards more the idea of an environment than a performance. I would like both the performers and audience alike to enter a place where the idea of time passing recedes into the background; where the focus lies with the sound, on a continuum without beginning or end.

[ liner notes by Jason Kahn ]

Jason Kahn // composition, live mix
Tomas Korber // guitar, electronics
Norbert Möslang // cracked everyday electronics
Günter Müller // ipod's, electronics
Christian Weber // contrabass
Tim Barnes // percussion

Recorded May 15, 2007 at Issue Project Room, Brooklyn, New York.




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