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 test tube news ~ #017 ~ aug 2008 


Hello back!

Three months are passed since our last newsletter, and meanwhile, 12 new releases have been out plus - and that's a big plus - a new release under a new section we called mixed media. Mixed media releases will come out occasionally in various media formats like text, audio, video and image, combined with any other media the artists feel adequate. The only limitation is that these releases must be released digitally, of course. Other than that, any artist is free to create anything his creative mind puts him up to. Our first release in this new series is from Colombia born and NYC resident David Vélez. 20:51 is a story told by a series of photographs and an audio piece (well, actually two audio pieces, but the second is a bonus one). Check the thumbnail below for a direct download of this release.
We hope to get you all interested and motivated, and we expect to start receiving some submissions to mixed media releases. This can be an interesting challenge and we know you can. I hope to hear from that side the now famous punch line: 'Yes, we can!'.
So, get on with it!

In other news, we are now on Twitter, a new kind of social networking - I know, I know... cut the damn social networking already! I also don't know what's all the fuss about it. But hey, Twitter is kinda cool, and cute, and the posts are limited to 140 chars, which is nice to keep us restrained from writing too much bullshit. Anyway, we will be using Twitter to post news about releases but also personal rants and raves and links to - possibly - interesting things.
Take a peek: www.twitter.com/pedroleitao - twitter.com/testtube was already taken :/

And now the future: Next month we will compile a new TOP TEN of test tube downloads, plus, expect a handful of more fine releases, always free, always put out for you with lots of love. Autumn is our favorite season. :)

Stay tuned!



Click each thumbnails for direct download (.ZIP) or visit our releases page for other download options and release info!

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