[Microsound-announce] Illusion of Safety - The Need To Now [expcd002]

Jeremy Bible experimedia at gmail.com
Mon Aug 25 08:17:29 EDT 2008

Illusion of Safety - The Need To Now [expcd002]
Illusion of Safety, Dan Burke's ongoing and ever evolving project
since 1983, contributes a fantastic new album to the experimedia
catalog. A hand signed and numbered limited edition release, The Need
To Now is one of Burke's more stark and minimal works.  While more
minimalistic overall, The Need To Now still embraces Burke's penchant
for broad dynamics, building from soft tones, drones, and distant
whistling to maddening noise and back down to near silence with just
the smallest trace of air space. Music box like tones dance loosely
throughout constructed industrial ambient environments.  Soft
crackling, static and noises fizzle in and out of focus while subtle
guitar rises quietly in the distance.  Deconstructed voices, samples,
rhythms, and instruments arranged into brilliant sound montages in
ways reminiscent of the classic GRM school of tape cut ups.  A
soundtrack for sedated asylum inmates.  This masterful work by one of
the veteran heroes of avant-garde post-industrial music aims at
activating modes of perception, deprogramming reality, and recombining
information pointing toward a new reality/environment. The Need To Now
comes packaged in experimedia's signature tall slim pack and features
the photography of Chris Block.  Strictly limited to 150 copies. Your
order of the limited edition packaged CD includes immediate bonus
downloads of the album in highest quality MP3 and/or lossless FLAC
formats so that you may begin to enjoy the album before your package

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