[Microsound-announce] Jeremy Bible & Jason Henry - Shpwrck [expcd005]

Jeremy Bible experimedia at gmail.com
Mon Aug 25 08:17:09 EDT 2008

Jeremy Bible & Jason Henry - Shpwrck [expcd005]
Jeremy Bible and Jason Henry's Shpwrck, is a beautifully diverse opus,
bringing together a wide range of acoustic instruments and field
recordings through unique processing and arrangements.  Dark and
minimal yet oddly comforting, Shpwrck's wide open spaces succeed at
creating exotic environments illustrating the duo's growing attention
to detail at crafting and bringing together delicate textures into
lengthy abstract sound art montages.  Subtle breaths of musicality lie
amongst constantly evolving beds of atmosphere. Touches of gritty
surface noise and found recordings approach from the distance and
momentarily come into focus. Shpwrck comes packaged in experimedia's
custom signature three panel folding tall slim pack featuring the
photography of Jeremy Bible and is protected in a clear poly sleeve.
Your order of the limited edition packaged CD includes immediate bonus
downloads of the album in highest quality MP3 and/or lossless FLAC
formats so that you may begin to enjoy the album before your package

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