[Microsound-announce] FWD: now taking orders for aurora224 DJ mixer

Kim Cascone kim at anechoicmedia.com
Mon Aug 25 11:10:07 EDT 2008


Hi Everyone,

We are very pleased to announce that orders are being taken for the
aurora224. Complete aurora224 and DIY component kits are available
with both domestic and international shipping.

The complete aurora224 will ship with a populated PCB, top and bottom
panels, all additional mechanical hardware (i.e. screws, standoffs,
etc.), 24 knobs, 8 button caps, and a USB cable. The complete
aurora224 can be assembled with a hex screwdriver in a few minutes.
The complete aurora224 will cost $320USD plus shipping and handling.

The DIY kit will be shipped with an unpopulated PCB and all
electronic components. Soldering is required. The microcontrollers
will come programmed with the firmware. The DIY kit will cost $250USD
plus shipping and handling.

Shipping and handling is included in the purchase cost on the order
page. The included shipping and handling is $20USD for domestic
destinations and $100USD for international destinations. All
international orders will be reviewed before processing the order. If
any particular international order exceeds a shipping cost of $100USD,
you may be charged the excess cost. We will contact you by email
before applying any extra charges for international shipping. All
orders will be shipped from Impact Components in San Diego, CA.

Our online store will be open for orders until September 1st. We will
submit your order to be manufactured on September 4th. We must have at
least 50 orders before we may begin manufacturing. If you are
interested in ordering more than one mixer, we encourage you to
contact us at auroramixer at gmail.com <mailto:auroramixer at gmail.com>
  before the online store closes with the email titled ORDER MORE THAN

Your credit card will be charged on September 4th when we submit the
order for manufacture. We 100% guarantee shipping on all orders that
have been paid in full. We estimate that your order will ship within
6 to 8 weeks once your credit charge has been charged. We are working
diligently to reduce manufacturing times, so hopefully we can ship on
the lower end of that time scale. Your order will be shipped via
FedEx, UPS, or DHL unless otherwise noted. We will supply you with
your tracking number, if available, when your order ships.

We truly appreciate the patience that everyone demonstrated while we
worked to make the aurora224 available through this group ordering
process. We are very excited to have finalized the important
arrangements necessary to make this possible. In anticipation of the
release, we also would like to inform you that the aurora224 is an
official product of our new business, mcubed squad, LLC. We hope you
enjoy the aurora224. When you get your mixer, please keep use
informed as to how you use and modify the aurora224 through the
forums and our email.

Depending on the success of this first run, we will arrange for a
future window for the second round of orders.


the aurora project

mcubed squad, LLC

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