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our next releases

NVO 010 | schurer > steinbrüchel | <falte> | CD
NVO 012 | Tomas Phillips | Drink_Deep | CD
NVO 013 | Iganz Schick / Dawid Szczesny | The View Underneath | CD

are now available!

would be nice, if you are interested in!


For further information please visit www.nonvisualobjects.com or contact us directly at label at nonvisualobjects.com

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Heribert Friedl, Raphael Moser

cat. #: NVO 010 
artist: schurer > steinbrüchel
title: <falte> 
format: cd
<falte> is methodically based upon a technique invented by the surrealists entitled «exquisite corpse». A method by which a collection of words, images or sounds are assembled collectively in sequence, either by following a rule or by delivering and making visible the «ending» of what has been created previously. This procedure has a resemblance to an old parlor game entitled «consequences», in which the players write alternately on a sheet of paper, fold it to conceal part of what they wrote and pass it on for further contribution.

Based on this process a series of compositions by schurer > steinbrüchel was presented in September 2006 as an eight channel surround soundinstallation at the Kunsthaus Zurich, accompanied by a four channel visual contribution by Yves Netzhammer. The version on this CD documents a condensed, slightly more composed and therefore differentiated form of folding.

«Man kann (...) die Teilung des Kontinuums nicht mit der des Sandes in Körner vergleichen, sondern mit in Falten gelegtem Papier oder Stoff, so daß es unendlich viele Falten geben könnte, die einen kleiner als die anderen, ohne daß sich der Körper jemals in Punkte oder Minima auflöste.» 

(Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, 1646-1716) 

cat. #: NVO 012 
artist: Tomas Phillips
title: DRINK_DEEP 
format: cd 

In the mid-1980's, Rites of Spring emerged from the thriving music community that was centered around Dischord Records in Washington DC. Their sound was raw, dense and emotional. It provided a soundtrack to a generation of veteran punks for whom introspection and renewal were increasingly necessary tools in the ongoing (re)construction of personal and political defiance.

Drink_Deep marks an effort to bridge the two distinct but inter-related milieus of the 80's Dischord era and the more recent practice of electronic minimalism, or microsound, both of which have relied upon aesthetic innovation and a modus operandi that is at once individualized and collaborative. Aside from a piano that simulates a particular chord progression, all of the source material comes from the original R.O.S. tracks whose titles I have had the privilege of retaining. As a whole, these compositions are, most importantly, an expression of the admonition to savor the depths of what life has to offer in the immediate moment, to embrace the paradoxical hazard of living gracefully and deliberately. Herein lies, I would suggest, the continuing relevance of the original music, my interpretations of which are offered out of an enduring inspiration. 

Tomas Phillips 


cat. #: NVO 013 
artist: Ignaz Schick/Dawid Szczesny
format: cd

Ignaz Schick & Dawid Szczesny met for the first time in 2005 when Dawid was performing with Sofie Loizou in Berlin. Coming both from quite different backgrounds (Hip Hop/Electronica and Noise/Experimental Electro-Acoustics) they decided to collaborate on some recordings. The first session took place "live on radio" without previous rehearsals the first night of Ignaz' three weeks residency at Radio Copernicus in Wroclaw in December 2005. The next very early morning they went into the recording studio and worked on the first tracks. 
In early 2006 they did a short minitour with 3 concerts in Germany and in the summer recorded more material at Dawids house in Wroclaw. In all tracks you can notice a certain jazzy feel, maybe coming from their shared passion for 1960s "jazz noir". 



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