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> Test_Lab: Audio_Objects
> date: 18 Oct 2007 20:00-00:00
> location: V2_ Groundfloor
> admission: free
> V2_ Presents:
> Thursday October 18, 2007, 20.00h Eendrachtsstraat 10 Rotterdam.
> Test_Lab is a bimonthly public event, organised by V2_, Institute  
> for the Unstable Media, that provides an informal setting for the  
> demonstration, testing, presentation, and discussion of artistic  
> Research and Development (aRt&D).
> In today's field of audio performances and live art a return can be  
> observed from laptop performances (as became common during the last  
> decade) to physical instruments. The commonly used low-interaction  
> playback methods and relatively introverted process of laptop  
> concerts is now often replaced by physically more interactive and  
> daring performance elements1), providing visually more attractive  
> performances.
> In this edition of Test_Lab we investigate, experience, and test  
> new ideas, prototypes, and products for the physical manipulation  
> of (digital) sound created by audio developers. Besides discussing  
> how these technologies make live performances livelier and more  
> visually attractive, we'll also explore the effects of these new  
> physical audio interfaces on contemporary music and sound art. In  
> Test_Lab: Audio_Objects, some of the most promising new physical  
> audio interfaces will be demonstrated, tested, and discussed among  
> experts and audience.
> Featuring: Kim Cascone and the AudioCubes workshop participants,  
> Bert Schiettecatte, Gijs Gieskes, Michel Waisvisz, Edwin van der  
> Heide, Brigit Lichtenegger (aka Evo Szuyuan) and Annabeth Robinson  
> (as AngryBeth Shortbread).
> Special thanks to Sugar Seville and Maximillian Nakamura (Shintaro  
> Myazaki) for hosting the event at the Rhizometic Dorkbot Office at  
> Odyssey, a simulator in Second Life dedicated to art and performance.
> For more information, please contact Michel van Dartel  
> (michel at v2.nl, +31 (0)10 2067272).
> This event will be streamed at http://live.v2.nl/audioobjects.ram  
> and will partially take place in Second Life at http://slurl.com/ 
> secondlife/Odyssey/85/153/45
> 1) The desire to integrate visual and auditive elements in  
> performances can be traced back to the pioneering work of Dick  
> Raaijmakers, who thoroughly investigated the integration of visual  
> and auditive elements in performances. V2_ publishing will publish  
> a book describing the complete works of Dick Raaijmakers in  
> December 2007 (see www.dickraaijmakers.nl).

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