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Philippe Petit philippe-petit at wanadoo.fr
Mon Oct 1 14:27:50 EDT 2007

BiP_HOp Generation on Radio Grenouille  //  88.8 FM
Wednesday evenings  : 19:00 - 20:30 PM  //  Marseille  //  France

September 2007 Playlist

  ARTIST      ALBUM     label

Rothko : eleven stages of intervention [BiP_HOp]
Pluramon : the monstrous surplus (Karaoke Kalk)
Migraine Inducers : antagonistic music (Beta Lactam Ring)
Port-Royal : afraid to dance (Resonant)
Janek Schaefer : in the last hour (Room 40)
Sunburnded Circle : the blaze game (Conspiracy)
Murcof : cosmos (Leaf)
Zeitkratzer & Lou Reed : metal machine music (Asphodel)
Function : the secret miracle fountain (Locust)
Toshinori Kondo : silent melodies (Off)
Rothko / Dysrhythmia : fractures (Acerbic Noise Development Inc.)
Harmonia Ensemble : Fellini/Nino Rota (Independant)
Growing : live (Conspiracy)
Alejandro Franov : khali (Staubgold)
Hauschka : versions of the prepaired piano (Karaoke Kalk)
VA. small melodies (Spekk)
The Green Kingdom : s/t (Sem)
Scianka : pan planeta (Ampersand)
The World On Higher Downs : land patterns (Plop/Nature bliss)
Birchville Cat Motel : with maples ablaze (Scarcelight)
Alexandr Vatagin : valeot (Mirakelmusik)
Antennacle : murmur suite (Kitty Play)
Reinhold Friedl & Zeitkratzer : xenakis (a)live! (Asphodel)
Qui : love's miracle (Ipecac)
The Beautiful Schizophonic : musicamorosa (Cronica)
Ken Ikeda : mist on the window (Spekk)
Jodi Cave : for myria (12K)
Stafraenn Hakon : gummi (Resonant)
Six Twilights : s/t (Own)
King Never : lullabies and sleepless nights (Marathon)
Gene Bowen : bourgeois magnetic (Amorfon)
Vale Poher : blue time vs. suspense (Optical Sound)
Fire engines : hungry beat (Acute)
Vedette : are (Still)
Amoebazoid : zuckung (Cycling 74)
Christus & the Cosmonaughts : from atop this hill (Beta Lactam Ring)
Fago : sepia (Aposiopese)
VA. yurovision (Vinyl Microstore)
Saralunden & Bjorkas : dubious (Nexsound)
Vs_Price : songs06.txt. (Expanding)
VA. f-ire works (F-ire)
Saralunden & Andrey Kiritchenko : there was no end (Nexsound)
Waldteufel : sanguis (Beta Lactam Ring)
Paradise Camp 23 : mu (Mandragora)
Erika Stucky : suicidal yodels (Traumton)
Two Dead Sluts : one good fuck (Kitty Play)
VA. grass is always greener (Get Hip)
Guillaume eluerd : the year of the dog (Fabriq)
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