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||1|| Calika > Seedling Mother

Calika's Seedling Mother continues to gather momentum with the critics highlighting his growth and development > The Milk Factory says...

"With Seedling Mother, Simon Kealoha continues to affirm his place amongst contemporary electronic musicians. His tight concentration of acoustic and electronic is stronger and more confident here, as he pushes the envelop of Calika into new directions. Ultimately, Kealoha has produced with Seedling Mother an impressive follow up to Small Talk Kills Me and is positioning himself more firmly at the forefront of modern electronica."


Seedling Mother is available now from the ABulb Shop > http://www.audiobulb.com/ab-shop.htm

||1.2|| Calika Live > Launch Party (18.10.07)

Calika brings the "Seedling Mother" CD launch to the stage alongside >

+ Mandelbrot (Highpoint Lowlife) 
+ Sustatika 
+ DJ Thorsten Sideboard (Highpoint Lowlife)

8pm, Thurs 18th Oct, Greenhouse Effect, Church Rd, Brighton, Hove £3 

||1.3|| Calika Video > Daghan Is Praxis IDEA

The audiobulb front page features the fascinating work of Daghan Is Praxis IDEA and his video for Calika's "2 Quarters Make Half A Smile". The imaginary is quintessentially audiobulb > with its delicate flickering images, detailed close ups and insect carcasses.


||2|| Autistici > Live (06.10.07)

Autistici joins the excellent STFU-Music collective in Edinburgh to perform a surreal collage of dream sequence audio and visuals. Visit http://www.stfumusic.org/ for further details.

||3|| FZ-Bulb

Audiobulb has teamed up with RUIN to produce its first hardware release - the warm and fuzzy glow of the FZ-Bulb. These pedals will be on sale from November 2007 retailing at a price of £45.  

Listen .... love audiobulb
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