[Microsound-announce] FWD: [12k.line] 12k offices destroyed on Jan 18

richard chartier / LINE chartier at 3particles.com
Wed Jan 18 20:12:35 EST 2006

hello everyone,

this is a very sad message going out to let you know that 12k is
currently closed, but rebuilding, due to extensive water damage in
our office and studio.

on january 18th, after 4 days without power due to a very severe
storm in new york state some water mains in our house and office
burst and flooded rooms, including my studio, the 12k offices, and
12k inventory area. we are still assessing the damage and there is
good news and bad news.

the good news is that the majority of my current and most important
studio equipment (including this G5 that i am writing from) was
likely spared from damage (i have not tested much yet). also a large
portion of our inventory and back-stock should be OK.

the bad news is that the office and studio itself were destroyed and
have to be rebuilt. walls and ceilings need to come down and the
floor redone. also, the majority of my collection of old analog
synthesizers (jupiter-8, 808, and a lot of others) suffered serious
water damage and are most likely ruined. A portion of our inventory,
i'm estimating maybe 1,000 cds, are ruined but i have not yet
determined which ones exactly. this will cause some titles to be
reduced in remaining numbers and possibly some being considered "out
of print" immediately.

the office and studio are currently cleared out and gutted to dry. we
are awaiting an insurance estimate and then will begin to rebuild.
most music production will be halted, which is very sad, because i am
in the middle of working hard on my new solo cd that was supposed to
be released on 12k in april... that will now be delayed.

i have gotten the main computer up, the internet is obviously
working, and once i get the printers up tonight i can begin to fill
mail-orders and attempt to get 12k flowing again. the sooner the
better for our listeners and my sanity.

it has been a very difficult 4 days for my family and myself,
directly off of the airplane from the UK tour to a house and town
without power for 4 days during sub-freezing temperatures. sleeping
in hotels,d then coming home this morning to happily find a house
with power only to walk in and experience an indoor torrential
rainstorm as we scrambled to save as much as we could.

i sincerely apologize for the delays this will cause customers with
their orders and we hope to be back up and running smoothly within a
few weeks. we're expecting a brand new release from Sebastien Roux on
12k within days and Asmus Tietchen's new Line cd in a couple of
weeks. we will try to make sure they get out without too much delay.

thank you for your patience during this time.

all the best


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