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Tue Dec 6 13:46:27 EST 2005

Sonic Arts Network Releases the latest instalment in the guest curated SAN
CD series: ŒPataphysics
The most serious of all the Sciences and the end of all ends, 'Pataphysics
is the Science of Imaginary Solutions. Although unknowingly practised by
everybody at all times, it took the pistol toting, expert fencer, literary
madman, maniac midget and designer of the time machine, Alfred Jarry, to
recognise it and give it a name. In this CD, travel overland by sea in your
skiff, following Dr Faustroll by the light of a green candle, along the
gidouille that is the history of Pataphysics in sound.
Sonic Arts Network is proud to present the latest instalment in the
critically acclaimed SAN CD series.  The publication has been curated by
Professor Andrew Hugill, Director of the Centre for Creative Technologies
and the Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre at De Montford
University, UK.  He is also a leading authority on ŒPataphysics and a member
of the Collège de 'Pataphysique, where he was awarded the Emphyteosis and
the rank of Petit Fils d'Ubu.
The CD contains, pieces by Marcel Duchamp, Alfred Jarry, Nigey Lennon and
Gavin Bryars, a track that beats John Cage by some 70 years in his
exploration of silence, a rare and unheard piece by Hugh Hopper and Robert
Wyatt of Soft Machine, Harpo Marx, Boris Vian and Percy Grainger plus many

Previous issues have been curated by Kenny Goldsmith, a writer and founder
of Ubuweb; Nicolas Collins, an artist based at the Chicago School of; Irwin
Chusid, an author and producer who codified a new musical genre with his
first book, Songs in the Key of Z; Tim Steiner, a musician, broadcaster and
advocate for the long forgotten ŒFitzgerald¹s Manifesto¹.

The CD can be purchased through the Sonic Arts Network Website.
Alternatively, by becoming a member of Sonic Arts Network you will receive
complimentary issues of the CD series three times a year.  For more
information visit www.sonicartsnetwork.org
For press contact: David Rogerson (david at sonicartsnetwork.org)

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