[microsound-announce] some weird music for the weekend by Federico Balducci and Substak & Bleupulp (two free EPs)

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Fri May 15 09:20:43 EDT 2020


good day! after a few years break i started back releasing music on
Various and Uneasy, a sublabel of Pertin-nce.ca where anything goes, as
long as i like the way it sounds. You are free to send me your music if
you wish to have it released on the internets.. 

here is the two latest releses: 

label : Various And Uneasy (Pertin-nce.ca)
release: vau022
artist: Bleupulp 
title : The off switch (Substak edits) 

track listing:
1. tek-0 chill-1 tech v1 (Substak edit)
2. tek-1 4min dark (Substak edit)
3. tek-5 bass dub stab (Substak edit) 

sounds like: minimal, experimental, dub, electronica, deep 

stream & download:

support & buy some tracks on bandcamp:

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label: various and uneasy (Pertin-nce.ca)
release: vau021b
artist: Federico Balducci 
title: Failure Encourage vol II 

1. Quizas - 01:42 
2. Struggle - 01:55 
3. Que mas que el silencio - 04:43 
4. Left knee to right knee - 03:33 
5. Need Cofee (lol) - 03:13 
6. Para hoy solo soy - 03:27 
7. Fuego y artificios - 07:10 

''That's a series I started working last year. Of recording stuff at
hotels'' -
Federico Balducci. 

sounds like:
Experimental, guitar solo, guitar, drone, minimalism, abstract, 

stream & download:



contact: facebook.com/djratmaster 
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