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rinus van alebeek injapatti at gmail.com
Tue May 5 06:35:12 EDT 2015

Dear visitors or citizens of Berlin,
and all others too.

My book Stop the Music
for which, undoubtedly, a lot of adverbs and adjectives
can be thought of to either praise or shred it,
is available now at the staalplaat shop in Berlin.

The second edition of the C30 release for staaltape
Midori Hirano - And I  am Here
is also available at the shop.
About this tape it is said, it is
wonderfully poetic

Have a Great May,


web <http://rinusvanalebeek.com>

radio <http://radio-on-berlin.com>

label <http://staaltape.wordpress.com>

residency <http://ilporticello-art.com>
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