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special daily yasawa islands mp4s (small short films)
now available for free download

(remote Fiji WAYA/YASAWAS islands:)

Island 8.0 is now available online!

Global Islands Project -- ongoing series of multi-media pdf-ebooks/field-recordings -- a
pastoral, pictorial and phonic elicitation of island parameters. An intensive
examination of small islands and their paradigmatic solutions to globalism...
Ethnographically a shared world of historical experience -- not the romanticized and
divided universe of them and us.

Your feudal-world is based on mutual relief at your common corruption. Maybe some
cultures are based on even worse. But that wouldn't change the bad faith of it and as
years go by, you wake at night in terror of your whole life being an act of shattered
faith, where everything is self-interest and nothing more, where every human
interaction is driven by a silent, even subconscious calculation of some ulterior
motive, to the point that a sea of bad faith has taken over your whole life, there's no
small island left from which you can even try to build a bridge of good faith, because
even that effort becomes suspect, even good faith is nothing but self-interested, even
altruism is nothing but solipsistic, even your professed agonizing right here right now
is nothing but a gesture, made to the conscience in order to assure it that it exists.

Deglobalisation is not a synonym for withdrawing from the world economy. It means a process
of restructuring the world economic and political system so that the latter builds the
capacity of local and national economies instead of degrading it. Deglobalisation means the
transformation of a global economy from one integrated around the needs of transnational
corporations to one integrated around the needs of peoples, nations, and communities. We
cannot talk about construction without deconstruction, reintegration without disintegration.


Island 1.0 is Ambergris Caye, Belize
Island 2.0 is Koh Si Chang, Thailand
Island 3.0 is Lamu, Kenya
Island 4.0 is Narikel Jingira, Bangladesh
Island 5.0 is Isla Mais, Nicaragua
Island 6.0 are The Grenadines, West Indies
Island 7.0 is Hateruma (Yaeyama), Japan
Island 8.0 is Waya (Yasawa), Fiji

Global Islands Project:

Island 8.0 -> http://bbrace.net/islands/island8/island8.html
or http://bradbrace.net/islands/island8/island8.html
-- over 1500 images and hour-long audiotrack -- 750mb -- (acrobat 6)



Global Islands Project -- ongoing series of multi-media pdf-books -- a
pastoral, pictorial and phonic elicitation of island parameters...

A traveller, who has lost their way, should not ask, 'Where am I?' What s/he
really wants to know is, 'Where are the other places?'

Vientos del pueblo me llevan
Vientos del pueblo me arrastran
Me eparcen mi corazon
Ye me aventan la garganta


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You cannot politically defy the institutions when all you really wanted
was to be clasped to their bosoms and hope in time to be cherished under
the very framework of oppressive values you are thinking of overcoming.
That would be co-optation, revolution only in the sense of a circulation
of elites rather than the extirpation of the very impulses of elitism.

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