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We dig up some interviews related to experimental music and sound art from
our archive:

SON[I]A #155. Arthur Sauer, co-fundador de Game of Life, l'únic sistema
mòbil de Wave Field Synthesis del món, parla de so immersiu, música
electrònica espacial, i d'altres aplicacions de la Wave Field Synthesis.

SON[I]A #139. Interview with the american composer Ari Benjamin Meyers
about "1395 Days without Red" and some aspects of his work in general.

SON[I]A #134. Interview with Ulf Langheinrich on aesthetics and perception
of flow, both in his audiovisual work and during his experience in Ghana,
where he has lived for some years.

SON[I]A #132. Interview with Theo Burt on perceptual processes, visual
music and intermedia art.

SON[I]A #135. Sound artists and curators Mark Fell and Joe Gilmore talk
about minimalism, complexity, abstraction and the processes and concepts
behind their audiovisual works.

SON[I]A #115. Interview with Pierre Bastien

SON[I]A #111. Interview with Vicki Bennett, plunderphonic genius behind
People Like Us.

SON[I]A #99. John Oswald, one of the leading exponents of sound
appropriationism, talks about his work.

SON[I]A #90. Interview with Margaret Leng Tan, long time collaborator of
John Cage.

SON[I]A #88. Interview with the experimental guitarist Jochen Arbeit.

SON[I]A #85. Interview with David Grubbs, an essential guitarist and
composer in the field of contemporary avant-garde rock.

SON[I]A #67. Interview with Alex Waterman, musician, composer, writer and
curator of the exhibition Agapé.

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