[microsound-announce] ASVA & Philippe Petit's collaborative album is now released

philippe petit philippe-petit at wanadoo.fr
Mon Jul 23 11:00:47 EDT 2012

*Hope that this message finds you well,
allow me to announce the release of my new collaboration with the US act 
ASVA, featuring Jarboe + Edward Ka-Spel (Legendary Pink Dots)and Bryan 
Lewis Saunders on vocals
*G. STUART DAHLQUIST formed ASVA in 2003 in the wake of the demise of 
SUNNO)), and Burning Witch. Always finding new direction and 
incorporating a variety of influences stemming from his drone/rock roots 
to tintinnabuli, plain chant, pop, noise, books, art, and a long life of 
unstability and mayhem DAHLQUIST constantly reinvents ASVA, bringing in 
new collaborators, new techniques, and new instrumentation for each 
project. *

Europeans can order from Basses Fréquences*

Other continents would visit Small Doses*


*Listen to some extracts there:*



*Enjoy your Summer*


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