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*ANSGAR WILKEN | *Timelessness Fakes

RELEASES SHEET - http://auditionrecords.com/art_003.php

*[art003] ANSGAR WILKEN | Timelessness Fakes.*

"These Recordings are about the impossibility to create timeless music.
These Recordings are about the impossibility to move.
These Recordings are made in a hurry due to the upcoming time."

With your support we will collect funding for future releases.

*Read more about ART in Releases | *http://www.auditionrecords.com/art.php
New Documents:

*THE SECRETARIES | Live at MuseRuole. Bolzano 2012*

RELEASE SHEET - http://auditionrecords.com/ar073.php
DIRECT DOWNLOAD -   *http://www.archive.org/compress/ar073TheSecretaries*

A new band formed in 2011 in Berlin. Felicity Mangan, WJM & JD Zazie (found
sounds, electronics.): The Secretaries bring together three strong
personalities to explore new musical directions and forms.

Works are composed and performed through the reproduction of recorded
material whose manipulation acquires a new meaning in a game of tensions
and balances, interweaving and setting of concrete sounds, environmental
field recordings, rhythms, impulses, noises, and mistakes..

This recording documents the concert of The Secretaries at "MuseRuole -
women in experimental music" festival (museruole.tumblr.com). The live set
was recorded on May the 4th 2012 at "Hall -1" at Museion - Museum of Modern
and Contemporary Art in Bolzano (IT). Picture by burp enterprise. .

*ORQUESTA FOCO | Asociación Musicalibre 1996-2012*

RELEASE SHEET  - http://auditionrecords.com/ar074.php
DIRECT DOWNLOAD - *http://www.archive.org/compress/ar074Orquesta.FOCO*

Promotional of the upcoming "first CD" (produced by Asociación
Musicalibre). Celebrating the 16 years since the founding of the Orchestra!

Recorded at "la Casa Encendida" Madrid. Improvisations conducted by Chefa
Alonso, Ricardo Tejero & Gregorio Kazaroff.

ORQUESTA FOCO: Chefa Alonso (soprano sax), Miguel Bestard (tuba), María G.
Cameselle (double bass), Javier Carmona (drums), Paloma Carrasco (cello,
piano), Juancar Castillo (electric guitar), Javier Escaned (tenor, soprano
sax), Christian Fernández (voice, objects), Juan Jarén (electric guitar),
Gregorio Kazaroff (electronics), Graciela López (voice), Javier Paxariño
(baritone sax, flute), Christian Pérez (double bass), Pedro Rato (keyboard,
piano), Ildefonso Rodríguez (alto sax), Ebba Rohweder (transverse flute),
Ernesto Santana (transverse flute), Gádor Soriano (voice), Ricardo Tejero
(tenor sax, clarinet) Victor M. Vázquez (tibetan singing bowls,
percussion), Cova Villegas (voice).


RELEASE SHEET  - http://auditionrecords.com/ar075.php

 Commissioned ANIMATION by RAM-K77 Salon Bruit | for the project "A
collaborative movie in 10 months" |  http://www.auditionrecords.com/ram.php

Antonis Anissegos, electronics.
Andreas Karaoulanis, live animation (real time camera input, vdmx - Quatz
Composer Patches, max audio analysis, scanned sketches).

Home - Made AV production, Berlin June 2012. Animated and produced by Best
Before Unu for Audition Records and RAM-K77.
Picture by Andreas Karaoulanis.


08.08.2012| Special Evening in collaboration with the Ohrengala at Bei Roy
| http://www.auditionrecords.com/ohrengala.php
21:30 | String Quartet: Stephan Bleier, Tristan Honsinger, Klaus Kürvers,
Denitsa Mineva
22:10 | Das Apparat: Zeger Vandenbussche (sax/bassclarinet), Julius Holtz
(turntable), Julian Bonequi (drums/voice) |
22:45 | Drums solo by Paul Hession |
23:15 | Octet! with Paul Hession: Bleier (contrabass), Kürvers
(contrabass), Honsinger (cello), Mineva (violin), Vandenbussche (sax/bass
clarinet), Holtz (turntable), Hession (drums), Bonequi (drums)

17.08.2012 | RAM Series #07 at K77  Salon Bruit Berlin
- SOLOS - The third friday of each month.
program | http://auditionrecords.com/ram.php
Anaïs Tuerlinckx | broken piano
Liz Allbee | trumpet
the Great Nordic Sword Fights (US) 3d & Motion Graphics (screening) |
Commissioned animation with L'esprit De L´escalier, Music by Jorge Sad (AR)

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