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murmerings 2012.04 ::: tartu, estonia

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spring has finally sprung here in estonia - the snow has been cleared 
from our balcony here in tartu, and we've been spending as much time 
soaking up the sun as possible. meanwhile plans are moving along, and i 
have several new things to tell you about - more shiny plastic-and-metal 
discs, some virtual sounds, and some movements...


::: what are the roots that clutch, san francisco and the world :::

the great helen scarsdale agency has now officially announced the 
release of the first new solo murmer full length abum since 2007, what 
are the roots that clutch. it will be officially released in june, 
unless you happen to be in san francisco on record store day (next 
saturday, april 21st). from the agency's announcement:

April 2012 brings a host of intriguing events, including the always 
dazzling sound art festival Activating The Medium festival curated by 
our cohorts at 23five Incorporated. But there are a few other events in 
which The Agency has found itself entangled. First up, we are 
participating in Record Store Day, at only ONE record store -- the 
eternal Aquarius Records in San Francisco, who will be getting a handful 
of the still wet from the presses album by Murmer entitled What Are The 
Roots That Clutch. We will make that album more widely available in 
June, but for those who must have it now a pittance will be at Aquarius 
on that Saturday only. Expect field recordings and brightly rendered 
magnetic drones from Murmer, housed in exemplary letter-pressed fashion!

Murmer What Are The Roots That Clutch//CD
Record Store Day, Saturday April 21 : 10am - 10pm
Aquarius Records
1055 Valencia Street
San Francisco, California


::: framework:seasonal ::: spring 2012 edition :::

and an announcement from the world of framework radio 
(http://www.frameworkradio.net): staying in the realm of shiny discs, 
issue 2 of the framework:seasonal fundraising compilation series (spring 
2012 edition) is now ready to ship! once again we present you a fine 
collection of new unreleased sounds, all field recording related, from 
artists both well known and relatively new to our airwaves. the new 
edition features works from:

jd zazie, sala, james wyness, dave phillips, aymeric de tapol, anton 
mobin, camilla hannan, pali meursault, lasse-marc riek

this edition finds itself in much more industrial territory, in the 
literal sense of the word, with machine drones, empty spaces, printing 
presses, public transport; quite a cacophany, but not without some 
natural respite away from city sounds.

framework:seasonal is an ongoing series of compilations in support of 
framework radio - all works are donated by the artists, and the releases 
are only available directly from the framework website, in exchange for 
a donation of 18€ or more, or a subscription donation of 5€ per month or 
more. please support framework's efforts and give! copies of issue 1, 
autumn 2011, are also still available, as well as just one or two 
remaining copies of the massive framework250 4-disc set from 2009.



::: crosstalk: tartu-berlin soundbridge, tartu, estonia :::

udo noll and i are happy to announce the opening of the tartu-berlin 
soundbridge (tartu-berliini helisild, in estonian), a permanent 
interactive sound installation in the centre of tartu. if you're in 
tartu you can experience it on location; otherwise you can still here 
the recordings, browse the map, and track (consentual) soundwalkers from 
the project page.

crosstalk refers to a notion of distant touch. over this soundbridge, 
sounds are exchanged between the two cities. the listener creates an 
individualized site-specific radio work, using a mobile phone, 
headphones, and GPS technology to replace the tartu soundscape with that 
of berlin. as you move through the city to specific points (for example, 
the kissing students fountain, or the emajõgi footbridge) sound 
recordings from corresponding locations in berlin are triggered and play 
through your headphones. your listening experience is defined and 
composed directly by your physical location and movement within the 
city. crosstalk makes use of the radio aporee miniatures for mobiles 

More information from: http://aporee.org/crosstalk
or to schedule a demonstration write: crosstalk at aporee.org

more information, as well as phones to borrow for participation, are 
available at the domus dorpatensis offices, ülikooli 7, 2nd floor.

crosstalk has been commissioned by domus dorpatensis, and is funded by 
the goethe institut tallinn.


::: and furthermore :::

plans for the rest of the year are firming up - these include july 
travels in norway and october travels in the states. we'll be looking 
for activity opportunities (workshops, performances, etc) in both these 
places, so if you might be interested in hosting an appearance please 
get in touch! all the best for springtime!



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