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New release

The Ebertbrothers
Susten Pass

out on CD & Download

Panoramas and Particles

The Ebertbrothers are Axel and Michael Ebert, an artist/composer duo  
living and working in Berlin. They started to collaborate in 2006,  
first creating video art pieces, then moving more towards a  
combination of visual&sound performances, which is now their main  
focus. So far they self-released several live recordings, an album and  
an EP, which are available for download.

During a year of gigs throughout Europe in 2010 they refined and  
extended their sonic palette. “Susten Pass” showcases their broad  
range of composition skills, featuring both detailed, micro-edited  
studio tracks and raw, performance-inspired landscapes of sound.

The album shifts between slow-motion sceneries (“Chrono”, “A perfect  
Fairytale” and “Commode”) and dark grinders like “Feature Film” and  
“Black String”. On the way it passes by electro-esque tracks like  
“Downrock Crooza” and “Risc Assembler”  before taking a rest and  
having some beans&bacon at a lonely campfire (“Cowboy”). The album  
closes with the  enthusiastic and shimmering “Susten Pass” and “Maitre  
du Village”.

Track 14 is dedicated to the late Joe Papa from “Controlled Bleeding”.

Artist The Ebertbrothers
Title Susten Pass
Cat. No. MWMCD05
EAN 4260125421814
Label Mindwaves Music
Genre Electronica
Origin Germany
Distribution Arabesque
Release date May 2011

Rashad Becker (at Clunk)

01	Cave Diving Tonight
02	Risc Assembler
03	SprayA
04	Black String
05	Mainspring
06	Chrono
07	Stubborn Transmission
08	Feature Film
09	Steffi
10	Commode
11	Sympathy Changes
12	Sel
13	A Perfect Fairytale
14	For Joe Papa
15	Jeff
16	Downrock Crooza
17	Cowboy
18	Susten Pass
19	Maitre Du Village

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