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dear all

Compilation ESSMAA out now


Format : 2 CDs Out : 12 euros

ESSMAA is a collection of audio works reinterpreting the Tunis local tones
recorded by aymeric de tapol during one weeks .

ESSMAA includes exclusive new works created especially for this release.
Dumping in the local tones, the disorder of the distribution or the
understanding of the musical reins and the daily tones, the invited musicians
create a space in suspension, their space of interpretation. More really « here
» (the place of recording, the place of life of the auditors to whom this disk
will be offered), but certainly « not over there » (the place of composition of
the musicians), the listener ( re ) – builds a unique and personal perception,
by assemblies of small parts of his aural memory. »Essmaa » (« Listen » to in
proposes a temporary intersection between the outside and the  »
daily initial bubble « . An experience of listening.. An intervention extern for
a second reading of the everyday life. An awareness of the immediate sound
environment, its atmosphere and its impact..

CD 1:  Uske Orchestra   Stéphane Kozik    E.D.H    Dj Elephant Power   Poborsk  
 Paradise Now + (Very) Mash’ta   Discipline     Lodz   Nicolas Bernier    
Sebastien Roux   Rainier Lericolais  & David Sanson    The Aktivist    Aymeric
de Tapol   Christophe Bailleau   Julie Rousse & Gabriel Hernandez    Mokuhen    
 Leafcutter John     Aymeric de Tapol

CD2 : Peter Prautzsch   OttoannA   Sutekh   Dino Felipe   Akm    Dj Olive  
Scanner    Yvat     O Lamm    Bobvan   RadioMentale   Shinigami San   Mathias
Delplanque   Felicia Atkinson  Dj Sun Papa    Hypo      Greg Davis     Alexander
Rishaug      Yannick Franck    I8u     Aymeric de Tapol

have a nice day

Aymeric de Tapol



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