[microsound-announce] V4W.ENKO+.AT/ON+AIUTO - "Pack" (release @ Entity)

Vaschenko Evgeniy v4w.enko at gmail.com
Wed Sep 15 18:37:27 EDT 2010

here is our new micro-reliase
released @ Entity
It is called "Pack"
It is just a poin of our collab on generative SOUND and VIDEO.

You can get or listen it on the RELEASE`S PAGE:

avalible for FREE

Release`s notes:
*Pack *is a very fine tuned atmospheric minimal glitch collaboration by
Ukrainian artists* .at/on* and *v4w.enko*.
This release also includes a number of audio visuals by* v4w.enko* and*aiuto
*, which puts the music in the context of smooth colorful glitch designs,
combining hardware sound with max/msp signal processing.
The result is a strangely effective, stunning collection of warm
experimental glitch ambient that incites with minimum effort.
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