[microsound-announce] Hydrophonia Sound Art Contest

Kim Cascone kim at anechoicmedia.com
Mon Sep 6 18:26:33 EDT 2010

Hydrophonia Sound Art Contest
      recycle - reuse - reduce
turn ocean noise into sound art
     Hydrophonia Festival - Barcelona 2010
     Deadline: October 10th 2010

Ocean Noise affects the marine life in all our oceans.

Anthropogenic noise is human-generated sound from various sources 
including commercial ship traffic, oil exploration and production, 
construction, acoustic research, sonar use and navy experiments.
Noise causes health problems for all life yet when it comes to the life 
under the surface of our oceans we tune a deaf ear to it.

It is our goal to raise public consciousness about anthropogenic noise 
and the devastating effect it has on the delicate balance of our planet.

One way sound artists can help is to create new sound works using the 
very noise that is negatively affecting the marine life in our oceans.

Hydrophonia is therefore inviting sound artists to create a new work 
using a library donated generously by the renowned bio-acoustician and 
field recordist Gianni Pavan of CIBRA in Pavia Italy.


You can download the zipped noise library here:


- all submissions should be no longer than *6 minutes* in length

- all submissions should be sent as 192 kbps mp3 files!

- please do not send .wavs or .aiffs!
  - they will not be accepted unless specifically requested!

- note: we prefer atmospheric electro-acoustic music pieces to beats :)

Deadline: October 10th 2010

All submissions should be sent to:

kim at hydrophonia.com

***using a web based ftp service such as sendthisfile.com -or- 



the most interesting sound piece will be selected and will receive:

1 - Cetacean Research Technology - Model SS03-10 hydrophone with a 10m cable


- your piece will be diffused by Kim Cascone during the first evening of 
the festival

- your name and the title of your piece will be posted to the 
Hydrophonia web site

 REMINDER: Deadline: October 10th 2010

for those interested in the frequency bands in which anthropogenic noise 
I've included a short excerpt from the following reference

'Ocean Noise and Marine Mammals' (2003)
by Ocean Studies Board
(pgs 28 & 29)

Unintentional contributions to marine noise arise from transiting ships, 
coastal and marine construction activity, mineral extraction, and 
aircraft overflights. These anthropogenic sound sources contribute to 
ocean noise over the complete 1-Hz to 200-kHz band of interest in this 

In the lowest bands, 1-10 Hz, the contributors are ship propellers, 
explosives, seismic sources, and aircraft sonic booms.

In the 10-100 Hz band, shipping, explosives, seismic surveying sources, 
aircraft sonic booms, construction and industrial activities, and naval 
surveillance sonars are the major contributors.

For the 100-1,000 Hz band, all the sources noted for the 10-100 Hz band 
still contribute. Also, the noise from nearby ships and seismic air-guns 
can extend up into the 1,000-10,000 Hz band. This band also includes 
underwater communication, naval tactical sonars, seafloor profilers, and 
depth sounders.

The 10,000-100,000 Hz band includes the systems listed, in addition to 
mine-hunting sonars, fish finders, and some oceanographic systems (e.g., 
acoustic Doppler current profilers).

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