[microsound-announce] New EVOL 12": Rave Slime

######## potaxpotax at gmail.com
Mon Sep 6 07:27:06 EDT 2010

ALKU is proud to announce the release of 'RAVE SLIME', a new EVOL
record written by Stephen Sharp and Roc Jiménez de Cisneros. Two
tracks for synthesizer and computer plus two locked grooves and a
palindrome, on a limited edition black vinyl 12". Key words: extreme
rave, radical synthesis, computer music for hooligans.

For further info, see: http://bit.ly/b5wkoU

EVOL is a computer music group founded in Barcelona in 1996. Their
work has been published on international record labels like Entr'acte,
Mego, Presto!?, Diskono, Scarcelight, fals.ch or their very own ALKU.

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