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Hi everyone, once again a new issue packed with reviews and new sounds  
for your listening / reading pleasure.

Furthernoise issue October 2010

"Nunatak ∙ Teimo ∙ Permafrost" (feature)
Thomas Köner apparently always saw his first three albums Nunatak,  
Teimo, and Permafrost as a triptych. Type has now obliged, repackaging  
these seminal works, situating them as central to the development of  
dark ambient drone. Two decades on, they remain peerless works  
situated between sound art and a particular form of reduced music.
feature by Alan Lockett

"Bay/Oslo Mirror Trio and SEKSTETT on Conrad Sound" (review)
SEKSTETT and Bay/Oslo Mirror Trio, are two new releases from Norwegian  
label Conrad Sound
review by Derek Morton

"Emerald - Elve" (review)
Matt Hillier (aka Ishq) releases as Elve on his sub label  
Virtualworld. Aptly named, the imprint's creations seem to inhabit an  
intelligently designed universe of their own. That of Emerald is  
differently oriented from debut Infinite Garden: if the latter was  
futurist Albion pastoral, Emerald has more of the air of a virtual  
tropical rain forest.
review by Alan Lockett

"Myriad Trails - Garden Hall" (review)
Garden Hall's Myriad Trails hosts minimal ambient drones and textured  
tones of a type typically tagged ‘experimental’ - basically a mix of  
harmonic drone and post-rock (sans rock) laced with field recordings.  
Reductionism aside, the whole is wrought with a sleight of hand to  
keep ambiance-chasers engaged.
review by Alan Lockett

"noise&capitalism.pdf>>/dev/dsp - NOISH~" (review)
Recording under the moniker NOISH~, Oscar Martin has released an album  
for the Free Software Series, a label that spotlights experimental  
music, produced using free software. For this experiment NOISH~ has  
described his process as a “transcodification of the book  
review by Derek Morton

"Obsil Distances" (review)
Obsil's sound world is a refreshing direct approach to an electronic  
song. Straddling a field to encompass the contemporary glitch of 12k  
and the post-classical romanticism of Type and Miasmah, Distances is a  
creative and charming collection of piano-based electronica.
review by Caleb Deupree

"Richard Lainhart - Cranes Fly West" (review)
Richard Lainhart's Cranes Fly West incorporates a grand piano and  
field recordings with his various electronics to showcase another  
aspect of his musical creativity. The peaceful and serene drones from  
his earlier work are still present, and the new elements create  
uncanny ripples in the placid surface textures.
review by Caleb Deupree

"Rojo" (review)
As head of Locus of Assemblage, David Wells curated a beguiling mini- 
cdr series featuring Paul Bradley and other likeminds. His own drone,  
Rojo, is similarly turned out, delicately layering a stately guitar  
sequence with subtle timbre tweaks. Serene but not soporific, its  
internal tides make for a pleasing headswim in its recursions.
review by Alan Lockett

Roger Mills
Editor, Furthernoise

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