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David Newman dwnewman at clara.co.uk
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Nice review from Alt Sound who wisely note, "(don't listen to this in the
car with your Gran!) "
Autistici :: Detached Metal Voice - Early Works (Vol I)
Audiobulb head honcho David Newman, always an embracer of the electronic
edge, has delivered a particularly prickly pair in Detached Metal Voice.
Newman has raided his past and gathered together all the fruit born of long
dark nights closed off from the world with nothing but an old synth and a
few circuit boards to keep him company and fired them into the universe in
this volume of uncomfortable future-retro sound.

Those of you who thought Radiohead's 'Amnesiac' was a little out there need
not trouble themselves with these eleven tracks. Newman has searched near
and far in his attempt at creating "an abstract narrative exploring the
anxiety of disconnected elements striving to find connection in a world of
digital communication." The album really is as bonkers as that sounds with
the application of synths, oscillators, cuttings of distorted speech and, as
much as anything else, a brutal use of space and silence. 

'Colonic People' provides the only real moment of traditional
instrumentation with an acoustic bass and some shuffled drums, the rest of
the record is given over to pure experimentation, like a freeform jazz
interpretation played out inside the brain of a server. In fact, opener 'On
a Beach Of Pure Data' comes across like an eavesdropped conversation between
sentient computers as flashes of electricity crackle out of from underneath
the backdrop of doomy synthetic noise. We aren't dealing with Noise as a
genre here though as these songs are far more structured, verging on a
classical stance. 

Elsewhere, more weird shit continues to happen with persons unknown clearly
having rather a good time on both 'They Move On Me' and 'Beneath' (don't
listen to this in the car with your Gran!) while 'Whispering Mango Man' uses
a John Lennon interview minus the John Lennon. Apparently Newman has left
only the dead legend's breathing in the mix of slowed down interviewer
speech and robot insect chatter. An avant-garde ruse Yoko couldn't fail but
to admire. 

Detached Metal Voice will leave many scratching their heads - even those
already aware of his recently released second album "Complex Tone Test".
Those who like to stretch their own taste limits and journey past the safety
net in search of warped new horizons should give Autistici a go, but be
warned, easy this ain't.
More info @ the audiobulb release page ::

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