[microsound-announce] [XVR003] Slicer - Ricordi di un'Apostasia mai avvenuta

Adern X the.apx at libero.it
Sun Apr 18 14:31:15 EDT 2010

Xevor Records has released the new album from Slicer, a layered mix of  
samples and field recordings to (re)create memories of a lost journey.

Slicer is the a/v project of Adern X and Luca Privitera. Their main  
theme is the relationship between artist and public. This album is the  
OST of the ricordi di un’apostasia mai avvenuta performace.

The album is available for download @ Xevor Records.

link: http://www.xevor.net/releases.html

Adern X

"Boredom is the mother of creativity" (Ron Arad)

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