[microsound-announce] China Express Festival, 2-3-4/12/2009, Vooruit, Ghent (Belgium)

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 “The feeling of the scene in Beijing is exciting and reminds us of New York
in 1979, there’s a tangible sense of discovery.” – Brian Eno & Elliott
Sharp   For
three days, China Express will immerse you in *China’s musical undercurrent*.
Because the underground music scene that lies behind The Great Wall has more
similarities to Western music than we think. China Express offers you *a
look at counterculture in the Beijing metropolis, a flourishing breeding
ground for unique, groundbreaking and continuously evolving artists.*

Vooruit will join East and West with *three theme evenings* featuring short
but powerful concerts. But we have to admit organizing the festival it
hasn’t been easy, as *many of the featured musicians are simply boycotted by
the Chinese authorities*. Their songs are not played on Chinese radio, and
opportunities to see them live in Europe are very limited. Vooruit has also
set up a few collaborations with local music talent for a meeting of

China Express has not only gathered accomplished players of the *guqin and
guzheng *(i.e. *traditional Chinese zithers*), but also *guitar virtuosos,
voice artists and musicians hailing from genres such as noise, avant-garde
and electronica*, inspired by Aphex Twin or Alec Empire. Some of them have
their own label, others have worked with Einstürzende Neubauten, Sonic Youth
orJohn Zorn. They’re all different in their own way, thrilling and unheard.

20:00 Eastern Voices met Gong Linna, Li Huafu & Li Huaxiu, Wang Zhifang & He
21:20 Wu Fei solo
22:00 karaoke

20:00 Xiao He
21:00 Wu Fei, Heleen Van Haegenborgh, Ann Eysermans & Jean Yves Evrard
22:00 Li Tie Qiao & Lander Ghyselinck
23:00 Shenggy & Jürgen De Blonde (Köhn)

20:00 Wu Na & Esther Venrooy
20:50 Yan Jun
21:45 FM3
22:30 iLoop
23:30 B6
0:30 Sulumi
All info + other stuff here: http://vooruit.be/en/serie/51
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