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SoundBlog :: May 30th, 2009 [#311]"ALSO HIGH BRIDGES OVER THE RIVER" [kt2009, iii]

Not only did we celebrate the 10th edition of the Kunsttour, last week in Maastricht, but as part of the annual Euregio Kunstfest this year visiting artist Jodi Rose recorded and played her 50th bridge: the Hoge Brug across the Meuse, for pedestrians and cyclists only."There’s something about the scale of my obsession that sets it apart," Jodi was cited saying last year, and indeed there is ... Also read about bridges all over the world, excited into collapsing, like the infamous Tacoma Narrows Bridge, that was brought into torsional vibration by aeroelastic fluttering in november 1940 ...Maybe also Jodi one day will pluck a bridge's strings, like with some God or Overlord's fingers. For now she's content chasing her love as this world's one and only Bridge Punk, doing them with whatever means she finds at hand ...
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