[microsound-announce] Call for works: Canadian radiophonic sound

Phil Thomson hellomynameisphil+mcrsnd at gmail.com
Thu May 28 00:57:32 EDT 2009

Soundscape is a one-hour show on CFRO 102.7 FM, Vancouver's
Co-operative Radio. We seek submissions of radiophonic sound art by
Canadians for broadcast.

Just about anything goes: natural sound, electronic sound, found
sound, lost sound, exciting sounds, very very very boring sounds
(i.e., sounds so boring they eventually become very interesting),
soundscapes, sound escapes, sound escapades, sound composition, sound
decomposition, sound compost. There are few, if any, restrictions on
genre or style. It just has to be Canadian, eh?

However, as CFRO is a small, co-operative radio station, there are
certain technical limitations on the works we can accept. Works
submitted should have fairly consistent and reasonable dynamic range,
as very quiet works, works with long stretches of silence, or works
with wildly varying extremes of quiet and loud sound are less
successful on air. Works should not contain lots of noise or sounds
which may be mistaken for static or radio noise. Works should not
contain extremes of high or low frequencies, as these will likely not
appear to our listeners. Basically, we are looking for (and listening
for) works which are idiomatically suited to the medium of radio.
Works may be of any length, up to and including one hour.

Submissions may be sent via postal mail or (preferably) email. Please
reply to this email *off-list* to for the address to which to submit
work by post (and please use postal mail, rather than parcel services
such as DHL). If you have work online for download, please reply
*off-list* to this email with a link. You may also send works
*off-list* as email attachments, provided the total attachment size
per email is no more than 15 MB. If you wish to send attachments
larger than 15 MB, please send multiple emails. Multi-part .rar files
or HJsplit files are acceptable.

All submissions should include confirmation of the artist's (Canadian)
nationality. You may include as much or as little
biographical/contextual information as you like.


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~Carl Sagan

~ Phil Thomson
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